Ideas For Garden Party

15 Awesome Ideas For Throwing The Best Garden Party


With summer on its way, anyone with a decent amount of outdoor space will probably be tempted to throw some sort of garden party. Whether it's a picnic, a cookout, a birthday party, or just a party for the hell of it, these 15 awesome ideas will turn it into an unforgettable time. Be the host with the most and make sure all your guests leave with smiles on their faces. Check it out!


A game of water balloon pinata will delight guests of all ages.


Scoop out the insides of orange halves and use the rinds as fun bowls for sorbet (just be sure to use the discarded orange flesh for something else).


sorbet bowl

Itsy Bitsy Foodies


Having an open fire? Set up a s'mores bar for your guests.


Fill a shallow box with ice and use it as a cooler for easy access to drinks.


Fill individual bags of tortilla chips with taco fixings to make portable tacos!



Turn old paint cans into gorgeous lanterns.


A cute way to keep your drinks free from creepy crawlies.


Play late night ring toss with glow stick necklaces.


glow in the dark ring toss

Momma Did It


Serve fruit salad in ice cream cones as a refreshing summery dessert.


Make a simple photobooth by hanging a large frame from a tree.



Make a menu to let your guests know what you're serving.


Having a BBQ? Set up a burger bar so people can add their own fixings.



Keep your guests safe from bug bites and sunburn. 


Kids will love this giant bubble station.


Having a beach-themed party? This is the ideal way to serve snacks!


Did you pick up any fun ideas for your next outdoor shindig? Or, do you have any great outdoor party tips that we didn't mention? Let us know in the comments section below!



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