What Happens When Everyone Knows You’re Out Except Your Family

Being open about who you really are is probably a good idea, no hiding, no pretensions at all. However, in terms of coming out, it can really be a daunting phase of one’s life, which is why it needs to be carefully thought out and be done when the person is ready. Perhaps, due to fear of being judged and ridiculed, are just some of the reasons why up to this day, may are still not open about themselves and opt to hide their true identity and when everyone knows you’re out except your family.

Of course, it’s pretty understandable that when it comes to family, things could really be different and more serious as they comprise a big part in everyone’s life.That being said, here are some confessions from people who are out to everyone but chose not to be open to their families.


#1 Sometimes it’s our own thoughts that give us the fear that is not even existing in the first place.

#2 Ever heard of the saying “The truth will set you free”? Well, it can really be terrible, but who knows.

#3 Things like this really does take time. You’re very lucky to have a friend who supports you all throughout.

#4 OMG! One of the toughest phase in the life of an LGBTQ member perhaps is the thought of hurting one of the most important persons in their lives at the expense of their freedom.

#5 This is going to be a crazy ride for all of you.

#6 Little do they know about the true reason. Why don’t you slowly condition their minds before coming out.

#7 It can be a sweet love story between you and your “best friend” but consider popping the surprise to your family. You might just have the best of both worlds.

#8 Depressing indeed.

#9 When your sister feels the possibility and still teases you anyway.

#10 Must be an emotional torture for you. Maybe its also a time for you to find your own paradise so that once you’re ready, there will be no regrets.

#11 SMH! You might want to consider moving to a new place and start being open to them.

#12 A bittersweet feeling that no person should ever feel.

#13 Life and its funny ways of twisting the plot of our lives. SMH.

What can you say about these confessions? Were these people right for choosing  to be out except to their families? We’d like to hear from you.