Times People Were Masters Of Passive Aggressive Behavior

You’ve got to love a bit of passive aggressive behavior, especially when it’s not directed at you! It doesn’t matter if you’re on the team of people who write snarky notes, or the opposing team of those who respond to snarky notes, as we’ve got the best of both worlds. Although we don’t think that being passive aggressive is the the most productive way to get an issue resolved, there is definitely some great inspiration here for what to say if you want to give it a try…

We do appreciate that certain people don’t like to look at what they consider ‘eyesores’. But, bottom line is, it is down to the individual person to decide what they would like to do, or not do, to their own property and possessions. We have a feeling that ‘Bob’ wasn’t too happy about this unpainted fence so the owners have responded in kind…

Ah, the great coffee debate. Everyone seems to lose their mind over coffee and how it should be made, the same goes for tea! We don’t understand this as surely it’s all just personal preference? To be fair, coffee is a huge part of certain people’s lives so it does make some sense that it becomes a topic of discussion! Below we can see a dispute in action, who do you agree with? 

passive agressive notes coffee arguement


We’re in two minds about this one. A part of us thinks, laughter is wonderful and there needs to be more of it in the world with all the misery that surrounds us. But, there’s no denying that depending on your mood, it can be one of the most annoying sounds to hear! Especially if you’re trying to get a task done! We guess the message here is, try to be considerate of others, whilst being as happy as you can. 

passive agressive notes laughing too much


It truly bothers us when people use disabled toilets that don’t need to. Imagine if someone who actually needs to use it has an accident because the toilet specifically designed for them is occupied by a lazy person? We feel that signs like these should be engraved into all disabled toilet doors! Maybe then people would think twice about using them…

passive agressive notes lazy isnt a handicap


Anyone who uses a trash can is immediately better than someone who litters. However, some people seem to forget that at some point a fellow human being will be emptying said trash cans. You might not think chucking your drink in the bin is a big deal, but some poor soul could get leaked on because you couldn’t be bothered to tip away your drink in a sink. And, yes people, the same goes for ice cubes!

passive agressive notes liquids and ice in trash


What an infuriating reply! The culprit here did well. Honestly the stench of rotting food is something that no one should be forced to smell. People need to start taking responsibility for their actions and be more courteous towards others. If this person isn’t careful, they might find one day that their ketchup has been tampered with! Chili sauce would work extremely well in our opinion… 

passive agressive notes please throw food in hallway trash


We’re not sure how we feel about this one. On the one hand, some people find it very difficult to confront people face to face. This could be due to being generally shy, or, being afraid or cautious of how the opposing party will react. We don’t feel that this notice was rude or unreasonable. However, we know that some people find it hugely offensive to not be spoken to in person and therefore react badly to being called out in text format. Such a tricky situation! 

passive agressive notes polite notice


We really like this one. It radiates humor rather than anger and is suggestive rather than aggressive. People naturally tend to enjoy things that make them stop and think and this sign does just that. We’re actually ashamed to admit it that took us a couple of seconds to understand but when we got it, it made us smile! Signs like this are the way forward! 

passive agressive notes sub thumbs down


For people that have had to endure living with a terrible room mate, you’ll know the incredible feeling you get when the nightmare is coming to an end. You’re finally going to be free! For most people, this in itself is enough. But, others like to make it clear just how thankful they are to see their room mate depart. Below we have a perfect example!

passive agressive notes thanks for being a great roomate


We can’t figure this out. The ‘Skid Marker’ seems awfully offended at simply being asked to clean up after themselves. No one should have to deal with seeing other people’s excrement! Of course, bowel habits can’t always be controlled, but cleaning them up certainly can! We think the notice was more than reasonable and that ‘skid marker’ needs to learn some manners. Unless, of course, it’s a wind up response?

passive agressive notes toilet notice


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