Very Effective Self-Defense Inventions You Should See

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Bulletproof Jacket (Bulletproof Everyone)

Company Bulletproof Everyone has come up with a range of stylish clothing that can protect you from bullets and knife attacks. It’s made up of laminated and woven aramid fabric. The panels are incredible flexible and doesn’t hinder comfort.


Pinfire Self-Defense (Pinfire Guns USA)

There’s something very James Bond about this ring. It’s actually a Pinfire spy gun that can fire 2-millimeter blanks or live rounds.


HERO 2020 (HERO Defense Systems)

The HERO 2020 is a lightweight concealable self-protection product. It comes with 2 safeties, one either side of the weapon. The HERO 2020 is nitrogen powered and fires projectiles filled with PAVA, a synthetic form of capsaicin, known for its intense heat and irritation properties. When the projectiles explode on impact it brings up a cloud of PAVA that binds to the receptors of the target, sending pain and heat signals to the brain. The target will experience intense burning on the skin, difficulty seeing and fits of coughing for up to an hour. There are no long-term effects but it should help stop any attackers in their tracks long enough for you to get to safety.


Gotcha Cap

The Gotcha Cap is an innovative self-defense product that comes attached under the visor. Hidden out of sight, the user can quickly detach the tool and fend-off any attackers quickly. When you’re out and about, rest easy knowing you have the Gotcha Cap to help keep you safe.


GTFO Escape Bracelet (Shomer-Tec)

Introducing the GTFO escape bracelet. If trapped inside a car, this bracelet can smash the window in seconds allowing you to escape. The bracelet is designed with a bead constructed from proprietary formulation of tungsten carbide. This combined with the product’s design, allows the bead to generate high velocity with minimal movement and destroy tempered glass easily.


Double McKnuckles (McDanielKnives)

The Double McKnuckles are a set of steel self-defense tools that can be placed in each hand. They conveniently tuck away into the holster under the backside of your shirt when not in use. They’re easy to detach and just the sight of them could be enough for any attackers to think twice about messing with you.


Belt Buckle Knife (Protegat Self-Defense)

Protegat specialize in self-defense tools. One of those products is a belt buckle containing a hidden knife. The knife is securely fastened inside the belt buckle. To release the knife simply apply enough pressure for it to slide out. To put it back, just slide it back into the buckle. A great self-defense tool.


Armored Vehicle (RIDA)

The company RIDA, specialize in armoring vehicles so they can withstand a barrage of attacks. Their Mercedes G-Class vehicle comes with special wheels, explosion-proof doors and 5 emergency exits.