10+ Photos of Interesting and Incredible Things You Don’t See Everyday

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which is most definitely the case when you come across powerful photos. However, not all pictures belong to the same degree. People around the world are taking millions of photos every minute. But what distinguishes one leading-edge photo from the rest?

If a picture has the power to touch the heart and stir the mind, then you’ve got yourself one exceptional photo. It may be a picture depicting life or a breathtaking landscape. But a photo can tell heartwarming stories that even words can’t express. Here is our collection of the most powerful photos that will take your breath away.


This is not a 3D effect. This a view from a skyscraper.


A cute polar bear cub basking in the sun.

Polar Bear Baby by Roie Galitz on 500px.com


A lighthouse that leads to the stars.


Nope, this is not the new wacky-style wedding photo. The photographer accidentally fell down while taking this photo and this was the outcome.

Marilyn Monroe’s iconic pose never gets old.


A bathhouse straight out of a Tim Burton movie.


The wonder of sibling genetics.


A horse carrying its own self-portrait.


A sunrise view of Mt. Bromo, an active volcano in East Java, Indonesia. Amazing.

Mt.Bromo , Sunrise View. by Felix Indarta on 500px.com


The reaction of this baby elephant upon seeing the sea for the first time is priceless.


Diphylleia is called skeleton flower because its petals turn transparent when it rains. They revert back to white when dry. It is mainly found in eastern Asia and eastern United States. Nature is incredible!