How Photography Helped One Man Beat Depression


At 25, William Patino seemingly had it all. A good job, a nice house and a lovely wife. Yet somehow he found himself in a dark and scary place, due to that ol' black dog, known as depression. Life had lost its color and light. Then came a planned vacation with his wife, one they nearly didn't take due to Patino's ill health. A new DSLR camera accompanied them on the trip. Patino soon found he liked taking photos. When he and his wife returned home, he started taking shots of his dog and everyday scenes around his home. Eventually he even found his way down to the beach to watch the sunrise. Through the lens of the camera, life began to slowly get better for Patino. Check out these inspiring images he took below…

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"I seemingly had it all, but there was an emptiness deep inside."


"I found myself in a doctor's office being diagnosed with depression."


"I was in a dark, scary place and didn't even really know why."


"We had planned a trip to Europe. Although we were so close to cancelling due to my health I managed to leave home."


"Like all vacations, we had a camera with us, a new DSLR."


"I soon found that I really liked composing shots and being creative with photos."


"I was looking at things a little differently."


"Once we got home, I started to take photos of everyday things."


"The more I began taking photos, the more I began to see love and beauty in the world."


"Depression had stripped my life of its color but looking through a lens was slowly painting it all back."


"It has been just over three years now and the world is a totally different place to me."


"My life is so much more fulfilled."



"I am able to sit and appreciate the simple things in life."


"I admire the small, intricate details that make up this big beautiful world."


"I am so grateful to be able to wake each day with hope again and start fresh with the rising of each new sun."


"Photography is my outlet and form of expression, something that I depend on like the air I breathe."



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