Back in November of last year, a 'Yik Yak' user posed the strange question, 'How would a dog wear its pants?' Now, that's if he decided to wear them at all in the first place, of course. 'Buzzfeed' then undertook a poll, attracting quite a bit of attention from people with an opinion on this serious issue! In December, a user of Facebook page 'Utopian Raspberry', called Norbert, created a stylized illustration posing the question. 'Mashable' then took the idea further, coming up with illustrations of other very 'serious' animal fashion-related questions! Check them out and let us know what you think in the comment section!
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How would a dog wear pants?



How would an earthworm don a bra?

How would a giraffe place his necktie?


How would a spider wear a monocle?


How would an octopus dress itself?

How would a ferret wear a tube top?

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