Horrifying Photos That Will Make You Say “Nope”

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Oh Jeebus nope!

Those look like some tasty foods. I think I’ll have… wait – nope!

Let’s turn on the fan and get a breeze going in here. Okay, maybe that’s a nope.

How about a lovely walk in the woods? Heck nope!

This looks like a nice, scenic path for some bike riding…. nope!

Are you looking for something thrilling to get through a dull day? Well, these terrifying photos are sure to give you the jitters! We have collected 15 of the most thrilling captures that might leave you feeling queasy! Take a look… 

What’s the most risky thing you’ve done in your line of work? This driver knows.

I know this is just a 3D art elevator floor but I still wouldn’t dare to take a step on it.

A cute kitty candle brings out its true eerie form when consumed.

Daring or crazy? I say, both!

A nightmare comes alive.

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