25 Hidden Room Ideas That Will Give Any Home A 007 Feel To It

Admit it. Pretty much all of us have fantasized about having hidden rooms or secret passageways in our homes that will take us somewhere awesome. For these lucky folks, that fantasy is a reality. Take a look at these amazing secret rooms, nooks and passages, and you’ll soon be trying to figure out how to turn your doors into bookshelves or your cabinets into doors. While all of these secret rooms are cool, some of them are making us sick with jealousy!

Secret Rooms

This cute passageway connects two kids’ rooms. This is great because each child has their own space whilst also feeling like they are together. 

secret passageway connecting kids bedrooms

This shelf opens up to reveal an adorable reading nook. We love this idea. It must feel so cozy and detached in that little area. 

hidden reading nook behind shelving

This child’s dresser leads to an awesome secret playroom. It’s like a less crazy version of Narnia’s wardrobe! 

room with chairs piano and wardrobe

wardrobe opening showing hidden playroom

This gorgeous old bookcase hides a secret room. You just can’t beat a classic bookcase door!

bookshelf door leading to hidden room

A hidden office lies beyond. This is one way to ensure peace, quiet and privacy whilst you work! 

room with book shelves picture frames and desk

shelves leading to secret office

This hidden gun safe is stylish and safety conscious.

shelves covered in books photos and ornaments

secret-gun-safe room hidden behind shelves

Check out this amazing hidden guest room! This is perfect for someone who is hiding from something! 

shelves with door leading to secret guest room

This hidden room looks huge! 

fake bookshelf secret door leading to hidden room

This bookshelf conceals a hidden bathroom. We’d love to know the thought process behind this. Maybe the owner was fed up of having to wait to use a certain bathroom so wanted one all to themselves! 

blue bookshelf secret door leading to hidden bathroom

This shelf doubles as a secret door.

secret shelf door closed and open comparison

This Hawaii hotel has a concealed bar. We bet the guests love it! Having a unique feature like this always helps a business to stand out in our opinion. 

huge shelves covered in frames cracked open leading to hidden area

Beyond this wine lies more wine. A whole cellar full! What a creative way of hiding your collection! We love how well the bricks match up, you’d never know this was here! 

hidden brick wine cellar door closed and open comparison

Hidden Passageways

What lies at the top of this hidden staircase we wonder?!

secret shelf door opened showing hidden spiral staircase

Behind these kids’ shelves you’ll find a hidden reading room. We think there’s something about reading and seclusion that pairs really nicely together. You can really detach from the world and concentrate on throwing yourself into the book you are reading. 

circular white kids shelves leading to hidden rooms

This wardrobe leading to Narnia is wonderfully creative! Whoever lives in this household is lucky indeed. 

plain brown wood wardobe

What do we have here?

wardrobe opened to show secret passageway

Wow! What great thought and detail went into this magical creation.

narnia themed playroom

Another hidden passage entrance that we don’t know what lies behind!

super tall bookcases with hidden door

Forget a secret room, this investment firm has a secret pub! Having a quick one after work has never been so easy with this sneaky getaway. 

shelving area with hidden door that leads to bar

Behind these shelves is a hidden playroom. We would have loved to have something like this when we were young! 

white shelves with children's items on it

white kids shelves with hidden door to red room

This concealed play nook is genius! We really like the thought and design that went into it. 

play room with blue concealed nook room with circle windows

This bookshelf leads to a hidden library. A well fitting entrance we would say! 

shelves with books on

secret bookshelf door leading to hidden library with woman inside

Here we get a little teaser of what lies behind…

large wooden shelves swiveled open to reveal hidden room

A wardrobe? Think again, this cozy bed area is rather deceptive from the outside…

hidden bedding area with shelves inside wardrobe

This secret passageway is awesome.

threeway image showing hidden door leading to stairs

This shelf has a hidden secret. 

wood bookshelf-door leading to secret room

A valiant suit of armor guards the entrance to this secret office space. 

suit of armor standing next to bookshelf

Let’s take a look inside…

suit of armor standing next to secret room entrance

Wow! What an impressive space.

office area with wood floor and triangular ceiling with four chairs and desks