Funny Notes From Parents To Their Offspring

Sometimes, there’s nothing more frustrating than people who don’t appreciate the effort that goes in to washing and drying. This is made worse when you see clean clothes strewn across your children’s ‘floordrobe’. But, what really grinds your gears is the complete and utter disregard for towels. Towels are something that you use to dry yourself, so, why is it so impossible to hang them up after using them instead of leaving them to become damp and gather germs on the floor?!

We’ve definitely found some good inspiration here for leaving notes. You’ve got to remember that it’s not just what the note says that is important but also where you leave it to be discovered! It seems like such a simple thing to master, but if you leave out key bits of information, such as a threat of punishment, or a promise of a reward, your note could end up being easily ignored and discarded. Make a mental note of these things, and you can’t really ever go wrong! 

Any parent will know that the amount of cleaning you have to do is almost ridiculous. And, often you do it without help. So, the least that you ask for is for other people to uphold your tidiness. Sometimes, however, these polite requests are ignored so your only option is to lovingly remind your kids if they do not do as you say, you will punch them in the throat!



When you find out something about your child that they have been hiding from you, there are an array of emotions that you feel. Of course this depends on what is it you have discovered but the general feelings are often betrayal, hurt, anger and fear. Some parents like to immediately confront their naughty offspring, whilst others take a different route like in the image below! We would love to have seen the face of the kid when they came across that. Someone’s in trouble! 



Generally, most households have quite a few plug sockets. Therefore, it can be extremely frustrating when for no apparent logical reason someone unplugs something they shouldn’t have just to use it for themselves. It cannot be that hard to walk to another room?! If this is an issue you often face, maybe a ‘polite’ notice like the one below is needed! 



Parents don’t always get everything right. They aren’t superhuman and won’t always remember everything. Sometimes, incidents like the one in the image below happen and there’s nothing you can do but offer your love instead. However, some money probably would have been a little more helpful to the kid left with no food! 



One of the great things about your kids getting older is that eventually when they’re allowed to do things like drink alcohol, in desperate times you can steal their supplies! It’s the least they can offer with all the, you know, parenting that you did for them, right?! Plus, if they didn’t want the item you stole, they’ve basically got something even better back for it… cold, hard cash! We wouldn’t complain! 



Anyone who has ever ventured into Walmart will know that it’s a complete guessing game what you’re going to be faced with. It’s like you come across a whole new species with some of the people that you see there. If you want to catch a sight of something strange, Walmart is the place to go! So, it’s no wonder this mom wanted someone to say a prayer for her! 



Sometimes, your parents abandon you to go out for a nice meal. This is fine, they deserve it! And, they will often leave you money for take out because for some unknown reason they feel guilty for leaving you. But, what do you do when the note says that there is money, but there is not?! Tip number one we would give for this situation is hunting down your pet…



It’s no secret that moms and dads often have different styles when it comes to parenting. This often is most apparent when communication is involved. Below we have a hilarious contrast between the different mentalities of a mom and dad. We have to say, the note on the left sounds more like your typical mom, though! 



We find it really sweet when parents make drawings for their kids. It just shows that effort has been put in. A note like this would really put a smile on our faces and brighten up our day. It’s actually pretty crazy how much a small note can make such a big difference to someone’s mood! We hope that the act of note-writing sticks around for a long time and isn’t taken over by some technological substitute!



Parents often get up earlier than their offspring. This is fine, however, notes like one below are super important to let your kids know that there isn’t an intruder in or around the home! All sorts of terrible things could happen if you woke up to a man with a machete! Police time could be wasted, or worse, someone could get hurt! Always remember that notes can save lives people… 

We’re coming to the end of our post now, but there’s still some great stuff to come! We’re actually pleasantly surprised at how many people still choose to leave notes instead of just sending a text. It’s arguable that technology has totally overrun our lives. Of course, there are many huge positives to technology and things like phones, but it’s nice to know that some people still choose to go old school. Take a look below for our final set of funny notes from parents to their offspring! 

At first read, we thought this note meant ‘no more of them 3 girls’ as in the parents were fed up with the same 3 girls being around! Anyway, we like this note. It’s short, sweet and to the point. We do wonder whether it was mom or dad who wrote it though? Hopefully Joshua followed his parents instructions and they had a nice home to return to! 

When you’re a parent of younger children, sleeping in isn’t generally a regular occurrence. And, on the odd occasion it might happen, it takes some special preparation. Instructions need to be issued and a note is the perfect way to do this! If you’re looking for a guideline, the one below is a great example. Bonus tips include using colors to make things stand out and interesting writing styles! 

Sometimes your family members are so used to seeing things clean, they forget that someone had to actually do the cleaning. The time and effort that goes into the process often goes unnoticed so sometimes a gentle, or not so gentle, reminder is needed. We like the little touch with the heart, although we would still take this warning seriously! 

Sometimes parents can take life a little seriously and it’s important to do things that make them stop and smile every now and again. It’s the little things in life that make the biggest differences! When your parents write you a note, it can be a nice idea to write one back to show you have acknowledged what they have said. Making your response a funny one is likely to be well received. 

The saying goes ‘it’s the thought that counts’ and more often than not we completely agree. But, sometimes people’s efforts can be a little misguided. This could be anything from dusting an area that’s already been done, cutting the grass when that’s the gardener’s job, or, maybe even watering artificial plants! We found this note way more amusing than we should have! 

Anyone with a dryer will know that fibers come off of clothes and garments, resulting in lint. Kids (and some adults) are often naive to the fact that this can cause severe fires! It’s important for all involved to educate themselves and spread awareness on this issue. If your kids often use the dryer, a simple note like the one below can remind them to clear out the lint. A little effort now can save a disaster later!

Some of you may have made the lives of your grandparents easier by taking their TV remotes and covering up all the buttons that they do not need to use. This can be applied to pretty much everything, and is actually extremely helpful to people who don’t have a clue what they are doing. Never fear that your washing will be done incorrectly again when you can give your machine a makeover like in the image below! Now the kids have got no excuse not to help you out! 

Anyone reading this who has had the misfortune of putting the wrong fuel in their car and experiencing the aftermath can appreciate this note. But, maybe it’s just a case of it’s a new car and whoever is going to be driving the car needs reminding? Or, it could be a simple case that the note is just a desperate plea for someone (Sarah) to re-fuel the car! But, make sure it’s diesel, Sarah! 

Medical terms can be rather confusing and often difficult to remember or pronounce. So, many of us will simplify our conditions, treatments and procedures to make life that little bit easier for all involved. One parent who did this is a rather hilarious manner is the one responsible for the note below. We don’t think we’ll ever be able to think of colonoscopies in the same way again! We do hope that everything went well for the patient involved. Well, as good as ‘tube up bum’ can be! 

Tag your parents in the comments below so they can read these!

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