This is Probably the Coolest Sauna In The World


We know that saunas are technically hot, but we can't help saying that this one is so cool. Just look at it! Designed by architectural firm, Partisans, this sauna sits on a private island, just to the north of Toronto. The idea was to model the structure on a grotto, and they've clearly done an excellent job in that respect. Although the sauna's interior is amazing, what's arguably more impressive is the stunning view, which is something money can't buy. Unless, of course, you have enough cash to buy your own private island! Imagine sitting in that awesome little room, looking out over the bay. Simply incredible. Due to its tricky location, the majority of the sauna was constructed elsewhere, before being carried over to the island by boat and installed onto this rocky outpost.

Website: Partisans


The smooth, contoured lines of the interior give the sauna that magical grotto vibe.



And the view is just breathtaking!





The wood-clad exterior fits nicely into its surroundings.


The view from up here is even more outstanding, if you're brave enough for it.


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