Hilariously Heartbreaking First World Cat Problems That We Probably Never Realized

Cats are undeniably wonderful creatures. Soft, adorable and loving, having a feline companion or 5 is a great thing to consider. However, it’s fair to point out that they can be pretty annoying, evil and selfish too. This shouldn’t be held against them though because everyone has good and bad sides to them, right? Here we have a hilariously heartbreaking list of first world cat problems that you may not have realized before. If you’re a cat owner, you’re sure to relate to many of these memes. Take a look! 

It’s as if human furniture was made purposely to appeal to cats… 

The disappointment when you really fancied a certain thing for dinner but it was not to be…

Cat Problems he got me salmon


So close but oh so far… 

Cat Problems i had the red dot cornered


Watching a cat nap non stop really does make you envy the feline life!

Cat Problems i missed my nap


This must be the same disappointing feeling that humans experience when our clothes don’t fit. 

Cat logic in a nutshell… 

Cat Problems i want to ask for food


This problem is far too relatable. It looks like we aren’t the only ones who face an internal battle! 

Cat Problems i want to go out but i also want to stay in


*Even though it comes from a tap that I would happily drink from*

Cat Problems im thirsty but i dont like the water in my bowl


Cats go through all that effort only to be told off and have their prizes thrown out. 

Let’s be honest. Cats love to claw!

Cat Problems so i dont have to claw them


We wonder if animals also have issues and concerns about how they look? 

We may just have a solution… get a cat flap! 

Cat Problems no one will hold the door open


It must be full capacity otherwise it won’t be filling enough! 

Cat Problems im hungry but


Envy and desire are feelings too. Cheer up kitty!

These images really do capture the ‘annoying’ problems that our poor feline companions have to put up with. It’s difficult to know how they survive sometimes when their lives are filled with hardships such as playing, sleeping and eating non stop. A job would surely push them over the edge! Thank goodness they don’t have to endure that stress. All jokes aside though, some of the habits that we hate about our cats are strangely what makes us love them as well. Keep going to see even more cat problems! 

Where are the humans when you really need them?

Cat Problems no one is using keyboard


What’s the need for window shopping when you have all the goods at home?

Cats must get so bored waiting for their prime time freak out sessions. 

Cat Problems i want to run around


It’s all so they can provide a better life for you, kitty. 

Mind. Blown.

Like, who needs privacy these days?

Cat Problems it really hurts me when


Messing around on the bed is no fun if there aren’t people to annoy at the same time.

It is true that sleeping for too long can make you feel overtired! 

Cat Problems spent all day sleeping now im tired


The humans are beginning to learn how their feline companions work… 

Cat Problems stopped rubbing belly


If only there was someone around to carry me… 

Cat Problems there are sunbeams over there


The furniture will just have to do. 

Cat Problems they threw away the milk ring


Does this make the question more difficult as you have more lives to deal with, or, easier because there’s not as much pressure to make the most of one?

A question we’ve all been asking for a long time. 

This must be a really strange thing to experience…