Brilliant Inventions That Are On Another Level

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Tire Slime Sealant (Slime)

Slime tire sealant is a fast-acting puncture repair sealant that can plug a hole in seconds. When a puncture occurs, the escaping air forces slime into the hole, creating a long-lasting plug, ready for you continued use. The slime is easy to apply with different techniques depending on the type of tire. Simply fill the tube with the directed amount of slime. Then ensure the tire is inflated back to the correct pressure and give it a spin so the slime can make its way around the whole tire. There’s no need to worry about little punctures when you have slime sealant in your tires.

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Haptx Gloves G1

The HaptX gloves G1 might be the next step in virtual reality. Traditional VR headsets give you a good visual experience in the virtual world but offer very little when it comes to interacting with your hands. This is where the HaptX gloves G1 come in. Using hundreds of microfluidic actuators in the gloves can physically displace your skin, so when you touch and interact with virtual objects, the objects feel real. The gloves come with integrated tendon systems that can apply up to 40lbs of resistive force per hand, so you can feel the size and shape of virtual objects. Who knows what the possibilities could be with this technology.


Smart Power Door (WAAY)

The WAAY power door can turn a regular sliding door into a smart door that opens and closes using motion detection, voice activation or your smartphone. Simply wave your hand in front of the sensor and the door will open. It’s integrated safe stopping system, means it’s safe for all the family to use. Each sensor should last up to 1 million open and close cycles which is the equivalent to 90 cycles per day for 30 years.


Snow bot (Yarbo)

No one enjoys having to shovel snow day after day during those winter months. This where the Snow Bot comes in. Let this autonomous Snowblower clear your pathway for you.
Using its RTK technology, it can locate its position accurately. This allows it to set snow removal areas without the need for placing beacons around your path or yard. It can also sense any obstacles within 5ft and avoid them thanks to its built-in millimeter-wave radar.
You can get the Snowbot to work with a click on a button on your smartphone.
No more bad back in the morning shovelling snow. Put your feet up and enjoy the day.


Invisibility Shield

Do you want the power of being invisible? Then this Invisibility shield has got you covered. Each shield uses precision engineered lens arrays to direct much of the reflection of the subject away from the observer, sending It sideways across the face of the shield instead of in a straight line. The shield is lightweight at only 9 lbs and is made from fully recyclable marine grade materials. The unit requires no power and is capable of free-standing.


Kayak Launcher (EZ Dock)

EZ Dock have come up with a kayak launcher that makes getting in and out of kayaks a lot easier and safer. Now you won’t have to worry about falling in when trying to get yourself into position. Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, anyone can enjoy the stable practicality of the EZ Kayak launch.


Scanmarker Air

Introducing the Scanmarker Air. This clever little pen scanner can copy words from a physical object onto your computer or smartphone. This is great and much quicker for taking notes without having to write them down. The Scanmarker can copy 3000 characters per minute and a full line of text within one second. Also, using it’s multilingual OCR text scanner, it can translate text In over 40 languages. How cool is that! This nifty tool isn’t just great at copying text, it can also read out loud the text you are scanning, which is great for people with difficulties reading.

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Samsung Flex Hybrid

The Flex Hybrid by Samsung adds a twist to the standard foldable devices by also implementing a slidable screen as well. So now your screen can be even bigger. This prototype might be the future for laptops and smartphones giving all the benefits of portability while maintaining good screen size.


Elon road

Elon Road is an electrical road system designed for charging all kinds of electric vehicles while out driving. The company aims to expand their rail tracks to more locations and hopes it can get more people to go down the electrical vehicle route. The rails work in any climate and can effectively give electric vehicles infinite range. Because of this, electric vehicles can have reduced battery sizes, bringing the entry cost down for people making the switch over from regular vehicles. This will be great for the climate as more people choose to drive electric vehicles. The rails also gather data such as monitoring road conditions, recording accidents and other useful information.