fruit stoner

Fruit Stoner

Removing stones from large amounts of fruit can be boring and tedious. Well not anymore with this super fast fruit stoner! Great to use for cherries or deep frozen fruit.


Coffee Bean Ice Cubes

Sit back and enjoy your cold coffee drinks with some coffee bean ice cubes! Great to use when freezing coffee. Your friends will love how awesome their drinks look when you serve these up on those warm, sunny days.

Harry Potter Heat Changing Mug

Harry Potter Heat Changing Mug

Feel like a wizard and reveal the magic from this Harry Potter heat changing mug! When you pour in hot liquid, mysterious footprints appear from the map all the way round to the other side of the mug! A great gift for ultimate fans.

doorman doorstop

Doorman Doorstop

This little perfect gentleman will always hold your door open whenever you want him to! The doorman doorstop is a great novelty door wedge perfect for any modern home....
Pac-Man Heat Changing Mug

Pac-Man Heat Changing Mug

Bring back childhood memories of your favorite arcade game with this Pac-Man heat changing mug! When you pour in a hot drink into the mug the games characters appear as if by magic! Great gift idea.

flickering lights jar

Flickering Lights Jar

These flickering lights jars will give your garden a soothing and magical glow! They look like little fireflies and are powered by rechargeable solar batteries. Great for garden parties or in your kids bedroom as a night light....
sugar skull cookie stamps

Sugar Skull Cookie Stamps

Celebrate on the Day of the Dead with some tasty sugar skull cookies! Use the cutter side to make your skull shape, then the stamp side to press in the detail. Get creative with different color icing once they're baked.

brain flavor zombie mints

Brain Flavored Zombie Mints

Always be prepared for zombie attacks with a tin of brain flavor zombie mints! If you get in trouble, save yourself and break out the tin! They'll be distracted by the flavor giving you your chance to escape!...
voodoo doll cookie cutter

Voodoo Doll Cookie Cutter

Bake voodoo doll cookies and stick pins in sink your teeth in the tasty goodness! The voodoo doll cookie cutter has the shape on one side and the detail stamp on the other.

camping bunk beds

Camping Bunk Beds

These camping bunk beds are perfect for family or group camping trips! They're a great space saver and are easy to set up. The kids will be fighting over who gets top bunk!

bubblegum kit

Bubblegum Kit

Have some fun and create your own bubblegum! This bubblegum kit contains everything you need to make over half a pound of gooey goodness! See who can blow the biggest bubbles!

funny bumper sticker

Funny Bumper Sticker

Driving safe is the number 1 rule of the road, but it's usually other idiots you need to keep an eye out for! Get back at those annoying tailgaters with this funny bumper sticker on the back of your car!

zombie family car stickers

Zombie Family Car Stickers

A new twist on the classic family stickers! These zombie family car stickers are hilarious and will look great when you all venture out together. It's a 9 piece set so there's a zombie sticker for everyone- even the cat!

food bag cap

Food Bag Cap

No one likes that cardboard taste when snacks go stale! Always keep your bagged foods fresh with these handy food bag clips! They're simple to use and attach to any bag. Safe to use in the fridge, freezer and dishwasher....
Skittles dress

Skittles Dress

Now you can wear the rainbow at your next party with this awesome Skittles dress! You'll look super sweet! Perfect for themed Birthday or fancy dress parties!