dog hammock

Dog Hammock

Give your pet the ultimate bed they deserve! This dog hammock will ensure quality and comfortable rest and the stylish design will look great in your home. Your dog will love chilling out on their awesome bed!

Hot Dog Pet Bed

Hot Dog Pet Bed

Your little pooch will love snuggling up in this cozy hot dog pet bed! Suitable for small breeds such as dachshunds and toy poodles. It has a removable, washable cover.

beer pouch hoodie

Beer Pouch Hoodie

Keep your hands free and your beer safe wearing this beer pouch hoodie! Lined and insulated pocket holds bottle and keeps it cold. Also fits soda cans.

all-in-one scissor tape

All-In-One Scissor Tape

Why is it when you find the scissors you can never find the tape? Well now you have can have both to hand with this all-in-one scissor tape! Perfect for when gift wrapping or scrap booking.

mustache t-shirt

Mustache T-Shirt

Make your friends and family laugh out loud with this hilarious mustache t-shirt! When someone 'asks you about your stache', you can flip up the shirt and reveal all!

ninja disguise t-shirt

Ninja Disguise T-Shirt

Be prepared to release your inner ninja at all times with this ninja disguise t-shirt! Your friends will be in stitches when they 'ask you about your ninja disguise' and you show them! A hilarious gift for anyone!...
wine chilling pearls

Wine Chilling Pearls

If you've just got home from a hard day at work and realized there's no wine left in the fridge then fear not! Grab a bottle off the wine rack, pour yourself a glass, and throw in these wine chilling pearls from the freezer! Your welcome.

mustache earrings

Mustache Earrings

The world has gone mustache crazy! Get involved and finish off your outfit with these awesome mustache earrings! Cute design suitable for all occasions.

salad dressing blender

Salad Dressing Blender

Drizzle your salad with a healthy, homemade dressing made to perfection! This salad dressing blender will quickly and effortlessly mix the ingredients at the click of a button! Great for all types of dressing and marinades.

self cleaning fish tank

Self Cleaning Fish Tank

Now you can grow herbs and keep pet fish all in one unit with this self cleaning fish tank! All you have to do is feed the fish, the rest is up to science! The waste from the fish provides nutrients for the plants, and the plants clean the water which is then circulated back into the tank. Awesome!

waterproof tablet case

Waterproof Tablet Case

Now you can use your device safely whenever and wherever you want to using this waterproof tablet case! Use it at the beach, in the bath, out fishing... anywhere! Transparent on both sides so you can still use all the tablet's features such as the camera.

bear claw meat forks

Bear Claw Meat Forks

Lift, carve and shred all types of meat with these awesome bear claw forks! Use in the kitchen or outdoors on the bbq. Quick and easy to use.

rice cube

Rice Cube

Make impressive looking sushi using this rice cube! No need for bamboo mats or rollers- the rice cube is easier and quicker to use. Also good for other foods such as meatballs or potatoes.

giant inflatable beach ball

Giant Inflatable Beach Ball

Have some family fun with this giant inflatable beach ball! You'll certainly draw some attention and everyone will want to get involved play!

giant cocktail shaker

Giant Cocktail Shaker

Martini, anyone? Conjure up some tasty concoctions for you and your friends with this giant cocktail shaker! 60 ounce capacity. Features a built-in ice strainer.