good with math mug

Good With Maths Mug

Stop trying to complicate things and get straight to the point with this mug! The good with maths mug is dishwasher safe and makes a great gift for the nerd in your life!

brain ice cubes

Brain Ice Cubes

Experience the ultimate brain freeze with these awesome brain ice cubes! It's made from silicone making it easy to push out each brain! You could also use the mold for chocolate or gelatin deserts.

fang ice cubes

Fang Ice Cubes

Feel the chills run down your spine with these fang ice cubes! Great for Halloween parties! Each tray molds 5 sets of teeth with fangs.

doodle picture frame

Doodle Picture Frame

Have some fun defacing photos of your loved ones with this hilarious doodle picture frame! Add an afro, uni-brow, geek glasses, a handlebar...the possibilities are endless! Simply insert your photo and use the included magnetic wand to "paint" with the iron filings.

chemistry cocktail set

Chemistry Cocktail Set

It's time to get your safety goggles on and start experimenting! This chemistry cocktail set is a fun way to create and mix tasty cocktails. Includes two beakers, one flask, one shaker-shaped vessel and a glass stirring stick. Awesome!

cracked mug

Cracked Mug

Serve up a 'cracking' brew with this awesome cracked mug! It's designed to look like it's been shattered and glued back together! Safe to use in the microwave.

salt & pepper man

Salt & Pepper Man

If you like salt and pepper on your food then this is your guy! The salt and pepper man holds the salt in his torso and the pepper in his pants! The two pieces come apart for dispensing.

large family tree decal

Large Family Tree Decal

This large family tree decal is a decorative and unique way to display photos of your loved ones! It includes an application tool and an easy step-by-step instruction guide.

Minnie Mouse bedding set

Minnie Mouse Bedding Set

Your little Princess will love climbing into her bed with this adorable Minnie Mouse bedding set! The colorful design will brighten up her bedroom and includes a comforter, standard pillowcase, flat top sheet and fitted bottom sheet.

corner cutting board

Corner Cutting Board

This corner cutting board is a great space saving design! It's counter clips allows it to be secured to your kitchen counter top and it has a routed drip groove to catch excess liquid. Made from maple wood.

diver tea infuser

Diver Tea Infuser

Let this diver explore deep into the depths of your tea cup as you relax and sip on the deliciously infused goodness! The diver tea infuser can be used for tea bags or loose leaves. A great gift for tea lovers. 

hand salad servers

Hand Salad Servers

If you need a 'helping hand' at mealtimes then these hand salad servers are just what you're looking for! They're very 'hands on' and will mix up and serve your salad perfectly!...
chill pill ice cubes

Chill Pill Ice Cubes

Hard day? Well kick back, relax and take a chill pill with these chill pill ice cubes! They're the ultimate way to cool your drink without diluting it and they are reusable! Pack includes x9 reusable chill pills.

goatee pacifier

Goatee Pacifier

This goatee pacifier will have you and your family in stitches while your innocent little baby is calm and oblivious! It's made of silicone rubber and meets all child safety standards. If you like the goatee pacifier then check out the mustache pacifier!

mustache crust cutter

Mustache Sandwich Cutter

Cut off unwanted, dry crusts from your sandwiches and have some mustache fun with this Mustache Sandwich Cutter! Makes 3 mustache shaped sandwiches. Awesome!