sword popsicles

Sword Popsicles

Battle with your friends with these fun shaped sword popsicles! A great way to make healthier treats for your kids! Get creative and try different flavor fruit juices. Makes 5 popsicles.

Blood Stained Apron

Blood Stained Apron

This blood stained apron will have guests thinking you butchered the meats yourself ready for the BBQ! Keeps your clothes protected from food splatters. It also makes a great fancy dress costume!

blood shower curtain

Blood Shower Curtain

Create your very own horror scene in your bathroom with this blood shower curtain! Friends and family will be shocked when they need to use the toilet! Great for horror movie fanatics! Complete the look with this blood bath mat!...
electric guitar key

Electric Guitar Key

Why have plain and boring when you can have rock 'n roll?! This electric guitar key is a great way to know exactly which key is for the front door and makes a great gift for musicians!...
cash ice cubes

Cash Ice Cubes

 Now you can literally put your money where your mouth with these awesome cash ice cubes! They're designed to look like $100 dollar bills and would be great to use at parties! Made from flexible silicone....
tetris ice cubes

Tetris Ice Cubes

Add some cool to your drinks with this retro Tetris ice cube tray! Made from flexible plastic to allow easy removal of ice cubes. Great for Tetris fans!

Yoda pet bed

Yoda Pet Bed

The Grand Jedi Master will comfort and protect your pet whilst resting and sleeping with this Yoda Pet Bed! It's 100% polyester and has a comfortable, cushioned center. Awesome, it is.

salt & pepper snow globes

Salt & Pepper Snow Globes

Decorate your dining table with these awesome salt and pepper snow globes! A fun and unique set that makes a great gift idea!

portion control tool

Portion Control Tool

Do you tend to have 'eyes bigger than your stomach'? If you're a culprit of overeating then you need the help of this portion control tool! It measures the right amounts of each food groups and is labelled so you can get in control of your eating habits.

candy corn oreos

Candy Corn Oreos

Everyone's favorite cookie now has a new limited edition flavor! These candy corn oreos will certainly get your taste buds tingling! YUM!...
baby bean bag

Baby Bean Bag

Your little one will feel like they're on cloud 9 with this cozy baby bean bag! It features a safety belt to keep your baby secure and face up. It's portable so you can easily put it in any room or even take it to friends and family's houses. Available in different designs. ...
hand gun ice cubes

Hand Gun Ice Cubes

Give your drink a 007 feel with this hand gun ice cube tray! Great to use at parties. Made from silicone to allow easy removal of ice cubes. Awesome!...
jewel ice cubes

Jewel Ice Cubes

Add some bling to your drinks at your next party with this awesome jewel ice cube tray! Makes 6 gem shaped ice cubes and is made from silicone for easy removal.

iPood baby onesie

iPood Baby Onesie

Now even your baby can keep up to date with the latest technology with this super cute iPood baby onesie! It's 100% quality cotton and fully machine washable. Available for newborns up to 18 months old. Awesome!

the scream ice cubes

The Scream Ice Cubes

Your friends will be gob-smacked when you serve their drinks with these scream ice cubes! They have been inspired by the famous Edvard Munch painting, The Scream. Made from silicone for easy removal of ice cubes.