monkey key covers

Monkey Key Covers

If you have lots of different keys that all look the same then you need these awesome monkey key covers! Includes 6 different colored monkeys to identify each key. Made from flexible rubber that slip on easily.

comic strip plasters

Comic Strip Plasters

These comic strip plasters are a great way to cheer up kids when they get a cut or graze from falling over! Apply one of these awesome plasters and watch as their sad face turns in a big grin! Contains assorted designs. ...
jelly belly scented bubbles

Jelly Belly Scented Bubbles

Enjoy blowing bubbles that smell of your favorite jelly beans with these Jelly Belly scented bubbles! Available in very cherry, grape jelly and green apple, these bubbles smell so good you'll want to eat them! Great for parties.

minion slippers

Minion Slippers

Now you can have your own little minions to keep your feet warm and cozy with these awesome minion slippers! They're soft and cushioned and will fit snugly around your feet. Different sizes available. A great gift for fans of the Despicable Me movies!

shark bite socks

Shark Bite Socks

You'll certainly be showing your fun side when your seen wearing these hilarious shark bite socks! People will look twice thinking your feet are being attacked! A great gift for anyone with a sense of humor!

notebook socks

Notebook Socks

These novelty notebook socks are a great gift for the writer or teacher in your life! Fun design and comfortable fit. If you love these why not check out our pencil socks too!

pencil socks

Pencil Socks

Keep your feet warm while studying at home or school with these awesome pencil socks! They're bright and colorful and are perfect for writers and teachers! Different sizes available.

water powered clock

Water Powered Clock

Now you can own the most eco-friendly clock on the planet! This water powered clock requires no electricity or batteries- just water! That's right, fill the clock up with water and the electrodes inside will generate enough power to keep the clock running for 3 months! Great for home or traveling....
alligator stapler

Alligator Stapler

Jazz up your boring work desk with this awesome alligator stapler! Your new buddy will look great next to your stationary and your colleagues will all want to come over and borrow him!...
hammer bottle opener

Hammer Bottle Opener

Take a break from DIY and enjoy a well deserved beer that's been opened with your very own hammer bottle opener! Fully functional hammer that can be used as normal- just with the added extra! The perfect gift for the man in your life!

Santa Beard Beanie

Santa Beard Beanie

Get into the festive spirit this Christmas while keeping warm and snug with this awesome Santa beard beanie! It features a hand crocheted beard that is attached to the hat making it one piece. Simply pull it on like a mask and your ready to go out and brave the cold weather!

pushing men bookends

Pushing Men Bookends

Add some subtle comedy to your modern home or office with these pushing men bookends! They'll look awesome on a shelf where they can be seen by your friends and family. These men will work hard all day long to keep your books tidy!

leaning men bookends

Leaning Men Bookends

These strong leaning men bookends will work hard 24/7 to keep your books neat and tidy! Awesome decor for the modern home or office. Heavy weight design for all sizes of books.

unicorn slippers

Unicorn Slippers

These magical unicorn slippers are for the true believers out there! They're super soft and padded ensuring comfort and warmth for your tootsies. Easy slip on design to fit most sizes.

owl shaped egg mold

Owl Shaped Egg Mold

Make funny shaped eggs for your children in the mornings with this own shaped egg mold! They'll have no problem eating it all up when it's made fun. Carefully crack your eggs and separate the whites into the top and bottom sections and the yolk in the middle circles to make the eyes!...