waterproof boombox

Waterproof Boombox

Take your music wherever you go!  Play and store your mobile phone or mp3 player inside the 100% waterproof boombox. Features 2 large stereo speakers and also has a storage compartment perfect for your keys and wallet so you can go into the water knowing they're safe. Perfect for the beach, pool or boat trip.

organ transplant lunch bag

Organ Transplant Lunch Bag

Scare away potential sandwich thieves and fool all your colleagues when you walk into work sporting the organ transplant lunch bag! It features a foam- insulated, waterproof lining and an interior mesh pocket. Also great for carrying your beer to a party!

bear sandwich mold

Bear Sandwich Mold

Make cute and tasty bear shaped sandwiches for your kids with the bear sandwich mold. A great way to get kids eating and makes their sandwiches look more appealing. Great for lunch boxes or picnics and can also be used for cookies. YUM!...
Glow in the Dark Beer Pong

Glow in the Dark Beer Pong

Take your game of beer pong to another level with the glow in the dark beer pong kit! Puts a twist on the classic party game challenging you and your friends. Includes 22 glow in the dark cups and 2 glow in the dark balls. Let the games begin!

apple peeler machine

Apple Peeler

If you love apples but hate peeling them yourself then the apple peeler is just what you need! Fast and easy to use. Peels apples effortlessly and peels just the skin leaving you with maximum amount of fruit to eat! YUM!

giant tongue dog ball

Giant Tongue Dog Ball

A ball and tongue all in one! The giant tongue dog ball is an awesome fetch toy your dog will love! Everyone will be in stitches at the park as your dog runs back to you with this giant tongue hanging out their mouth. Made with non toxic solid rubber and available in different sizes. Love this? Then check out the smiling dog ball!

dream chair

Dream Chair

This chair is like a dream come true! Hang around in ultimate comfort and style with the dream chair. Feel like your relaxing on a cloud with plenty of foam fill. Includes a built in canopy and is easy to assemble.

wine bottle icicle

Wine Bottle Icicle

Instantly chill down your wine with the wine bottle icicle. Simply freeze the icicle then insert into your chosen wine. Can also be used to maintain the chill from pre-chilled bottles. Available in a variety of colors. Great gift for wine lovers!...
beer bottle icicle

Beer Bottle Icicle

The perfect solution to instantly chill warm beer! Simply freeze the icicle, then insert into any beer bottle and drink away! The beer bottle icicle is perfect for parties or beer lovers! Set of 2.

rainbow macbook decals

Rainbow Macbook Decals

Add some fun and color to your keyboard with these rainbow Macbook decals. Individual easy to apply stickers that are waterproof, greaseproof and scratch resistant.

the hangover baby hoodie

The Hangover Baby Hoodie

Now you can be just like Alan with your very own baby Carlos strapped to your front! The Hangover baby hoodie is officially licensed and available in various sizes. Great gift for fans of the movies!

floating snack tray

Floating Snack Tray

Enjoy your favorite drinks and snacks at arms length whilst relaxing in the hot tub with the floating snack tray! It can float in the water or sit on the side and features 8 multiple sized storage zones. Perfect for parties!  ...
Teacup cake mold set

Teacup Cake Mold Set

Now you can bake your very own beautiful and delicious teacup cakes! The teacup cake mold set is fun and easy to use. Includes x4 silicone teacup shape molds for baking and x4 saucers for presentation. Surprise your friends with your impressive and tasty creations. YUM!...
jewelry storage mirror

Jewelry Storage Mirror

Store all your precious items neatly and safely in this beautiful jewelry storage mirror. Inside it features various different compartments for every piece of jewelry imaginable; hooks to keep necklaces free from tangles, holes to keep your earrings matched together and ring cushions to keep rings protected. There's even pocket shelves for other accessories such as brooches or watches. Close the door and you have a perfectly sized full length mirror for your bedroom.

Bikini beer mug

Bikini Beer Mugs

Enjoy sipping on your favorite beer whilst caressing the sexy curves of your...bikini beer mug! Great gift idea. Comes as a set of 2. Cheers!  ...