like coffee mug

Like Coffee Mug

If you like coffee then you need this 'like' coffee mug! It features the famous 'thumbs up' icon from a popular social media network website! A great gift idea for the modern day coffee lover!

like tea mug

Like Tea Mug

Join the most popular network of tea drinkers with this 'like' tea mug! Features an iconic 'thumbs up' that resembles a feature on a certain social media website! A great gift idea.

LED chess set

LED Chess Set

This LED chess set bring the classic game to the modern day with awesome glowing lights! Pieces light up when they are on the glossy black chess board. Includes a power adapter or you can use batteries.

science quiz clock

Science Quiz Clock

Test your knowledge with this awesome science quiz clock! You have to work out the scientific equations to determine what time it is! A great gift for your science teacher or that special geek in your life!

Dr Who salt & pepper set

Dr Who Salt & Pepper Set

Dr Who fans will love this awesome salt and pepper set! It features ceramic shakers of the famous Tardis and an evil Dalek! Display your set proudly on your dining table and enjoy seasoning your food with them!...
Dr Who heat changing mug

Dr Who Heat Changing Mug

Sip on your favorite hot drink while enjoying the magic of this Dr Who heat changing mug! As the mug heats up, the Tardis disappears right before your eyes! But where does it go?! Spin the mug around and watch as it re-appears in space! A great gift for fans.

mustache watch

Mustache Watch

Wear the famous mustache in a more discreet yet stylish way with this awesome mustache watch!  It can be worn to complete any outfit to suit all occasions!

mouse device cleaner

Mouse Device Cleaner

Now your gadgets can be squeaky clean with this mouse device cleaner! Made from anti-static microfiber that easily wipes away fingerprints and smudges from your iPad, iPhone or computer screen.

VW shoulder bag

VW Shoulder Bag

This retro VW shoulder bag is a great gift for anyone who owned the most awesome camper van ever to be made! It's bold and bright design will complete your outfit and has plenty of room for your belongings. Available in different colors.

minion onesie

Minion Onesie

Dress up like your favorite movie creatures with this awesome Minion onesie! It's super soft and will keep your warm and cozy. Wear it while lounging around the house or in the evening as pajamas. A bright and colorful design that's a perfect gift for Despicable Me fans!

squirrel tissue box

Squirrel Tissue Box

If you love nature then you'll love this awesome squirrel tissue box! It features a cute squirrel on a wooden tree stump ready to dispense tissues when you need them! A perfect piece of decor for your home.

cyclops iPad cover

Cyclops iPad Case

Now you can have a new furry, fluffy and lovable friend with this cyclops iPad case! He's extra padded on the back to protect your device from bumps and scratches! You can even use his microfiber arms to clean your screen!...
Four Seasons Shakers

Four Seasons Shakers

Display your favorite herbs and spices in these awesome four seasons shakers! Each shaker features a different tree for every season. They'll bring unique style to your dining table!

animal pot holders

Animal Pot Holders

Protect your hands from hot handles and oven doors with these animal pot holders! This fun and novelty item is available in many different animals and colors! Made from silicone for the perfect grip....
robot massager

Robot Massager

Have your own personal masseuse at your beck and call with this robot massager! It uses sensors to travel over your body without falling off so you can enjoy hours of relaxation. Choose from 3 settings: vibration, gentle pressure or light tickling.