motorized bumper boat

Motorized Bumper Boat

Be the bumper boat champion of the sea or swimming pools! Speed around at 2ft per second and bump in to your enemies followed by a blast from the inbuilt water cannon! Features a real working motor and fully functional steering. Awesome!

thirst extinguisher

Thirst Extinguisher

Extinguish your burning thirst with this awesome novelty drinks dispenser! Shaped just like a fire extinguisher and made from durable plastic with a rubber hose. Simply pump the handle up and down to dispense liquid. The thirst extinguisher makes a perfect addition to any home bar and is great for parties!

three player chess

Three Player Chess

Add a whole new dimension to the classic game of chess by adding an additional player! No longer is three a crowd with this awesome three player chess. This wooden set is one of a kind and comes with red, white and black pieces.

elephant sprinkler

Elephant Sprinkler

Complete your garden with this beautifully hand painted elephant sprinkler. A fun way to water your lawn and flowers adding a touch of safari. Then when you're not using the sprinkler function it becomes a stunning sculpture to admire. Cast in quality designer resin....
one trip grocery bag holder

One Trip Grocery Bag Holder

Look like a pro as you carry all your grocery bags from the car to the house in just one trip! No more going back and forth or awkwardly trying to carry bags on your arms, wrists and fingers. The one trip grocery bag holder is the simple solution to make carrying bags comfortable and easy.

dog hoodie

Dog Hoodie

Keep your pampered pooch warm this winter with one of these dog hoodies! These adorable hoodies are made from soft cotton for an ultra cozy fit and are available in many different colors and sizes. You'd be barking mad not to get one!

portable iPhone amp

Portable iPhone Amp

Double your iPhone's volume with this cute little gadget! The portable iPhone amp is a unique bugle shaped design that amplifies the volume by 13 db without the need of external power. It is also a stand for your iPhone which is perfect for watching video clips. Available in a variety of colors.

Alcohol is a Solution T-Shirt

Alcohol is a Solution T-Shirt

For years the world has been fooled into thinking alcohol is not the solution when really, according to chemistry, it actually is! And who's going to question science?! This alcohol is a solution t-shirt makes a great gift for the occasional drinker! (drink responsibly)...
LED Wallet Card Light

LED Wallet Card Light

Now you can carry a light around with you everywhere you go with this nifty little LED wallet card light. It's the same size as a credit card so fits right in your wallet, pocket or handbag ready for emergencies. Just fold the "light bulb" up and it turns on then fold back down flat to turn off. Available in a variety of colors. ...
bottle stacker base

Bottle Stacker Base

Now you can stack your bottles in a neat and efficient pyramid shape! A simple yet effective design to stop cans and bottles rolling around the fridge. The bottle stacker base can be used for beer or wine sized bottles and also cans. Available in different colors.

color changing umbrella

Color Changing Umbrella

Add some color and magic to a dull rainy day with the color changing umbrella! Watch as your white rain drops turn to different colors when the heavens open. Made with special ink that activates when wet....
Ear Cuffs

Ear Cuffs

Accessorize your ears and complete your outfit with these stunning ear cuffs! There are lots of different striking designs to choose from ranging from gothic/grunge to elegant/dainty. The latest trend in jewelry taking the traditional earring to a whole new level of style.

waterproof boombox

Waterproof Boombox

Take your music wherever you go!  Play and store your mobile phone or mp3 player inside the 100% waterproof boombox. Features 2 large stereo speakers and also has a storage compartment perfect for your keys and wallet so you can go into the water knowing they're safe. Perfect for the beach, pool or boat trip.

organ transplant lunch bag

Organ Transplant Lunch Bag

Scare away potential sandwich thieves and fool all your colleagues when you walk into work sporting the organ transplant lunch bag! It features a foam- insulated, waterproof lining and an interior mesh pocket. Also great for carrying your beer to a party!

bear sandwich mold

Bear Sandwich Mold

Make cute and tasty bear shaped sandwiches for your kids with the bear sandwich mold. A great way to get kids eating and makes their sandwiches look more appealing. Great for lunch boxes or picnics and can also be used for cookies. YUM!...