spider tablet stand

Spider Tablet Stand

The flexible nature of this spider tablet stand allows for positioning tablets at virtually any angle wherever you want! Ideal for the office, home, car, travelling...the possibilities are endless! Great for watching video clips and movies. Available in a variety of colors.

rolling garlic chopper

Rolling Garlic Chopper

If you hate the smelly task of chopping garlic then this is the gadget for you! This rolling garlic chopper is easy to use: simply peel, fill and roll! Watch as it effortlessly chops garlic in seconds. Also great for chopping ginger. Available in a variety of colors.

water bottle with filter

Water Bottle With Filter

Now you can always drink pure water wherever you go with this water bottle with filter. It filters as you drink, so just fill straight from your tap and your good to go! A cost effective way to ensure your always drinking water free from impurities. Each filter lasts on average for 2 months. Replacement filters and different colors available.

dog goggles

Dog Goggles

Protect your dogs eyes in style with these awesome dog goggles! UV rays are just as harmful for dogs as they are for humans, so keep your dog safe whilst also looking good! Features a padded and flexible rubber frame for comfort. Available in a variety of colors and sizes....
vegetable peeler

Vegetable Peeler

Peeling vegetables just got easier! Shaped just like a giant pencil sharpener, this funky vegetable peeler is great for carrots, parsnips, courgettes and more! Can also be used to curl ribbons of your chosen veg to decorate salads and dishes.

boiled egg timer

Boiled Egg Timer

Boiling eggs has never been easier with this boiled egg timer! When the eggs are soft boiled, medium boiled or hard boiled a different song is played to let you know! Perfect eggs every time, cooked exactly how you like them. YUM!

flip alarm clock

Flip Alarm Clock

Wake up with no fuss in the mornings with this flip alarm clock! When the top of the alarm clock says on, the alarm is set. Then when the alarm rings, flip the clock over to turn off. Simples! The digital display also flips over when the clock is turned so it is always the right way up. Available in a variety of colors.

giant gummy cola bottle

Giant Gummy Cola Bottle

If you enjoy cola bottles then this is the ultimate treat for you! These giant gummy cola bottles will be sure to satisfy your sugar craving equaling to 120 normal sized cola bottles! A great gift for candy lovers!

headband earphones

Headband Earphones

Drift off to soothing music as you relax in bed with these headband earphones! Works with any kind of audio source such as iPods and mp3 players. A soft and comfortable fleece headband that helps block out noise and snoring.

money toilet roll

Money Toilet Roll

Do you wish you were rich enough to flush money down the toilet?! Well now you can with this awesome novelty money toilet roll! Live the high life and wipe your ass with $100 bills!

glow in the dark toilet roll

Glow in the Dark Toilet Roll

Looks like ordinary toilet roll by day, but as soon as the lights are off and its a whole new story! Great if your camping and nature calls in the middle of the night you can see exactly what your doing. Give your ass the wipe it deserves!

hoodie travel pillow

Hoodie Travel Pillow

The ultimate accessory for total comfort whilst traveling: the hoodie travel pillow! This pillow is great for flights or car journeys and the attached hood allows you to zone out completely whilst keeping your head and ears warm! No more waking up with a cranky neck!

pillow with built-in speaker

Pillow with Built-In Speaker

Drift off to the soothing sounds of your favorite music as you relax in bed with this pillow with built-in speakers! Works with any kind of audio source such as iPods and mp3 players. A soft and comfortable pillow with audio cable included. No need for batteries or any other accessories.

wilson castaway volleyball

Wilson Castaway Volleyball

Now you can have your own Wilson just like Tom Hanks did in the hit movie, Castaway. He's a great listener and will always be by your side no matter what. This Wilson Castaway volleyball is an officially licensed piece of merchandise and actually won the Critics Choice Award for Best Inanimate Object! Go Wilson!

toaster usb hub

Toaster USB Hub

This novelty toaster USB hub will look awesome on your desk! It fits 4 tasty little toast flash drives and also includes an SD card slot. Provides data transfer speeds of up to 480Mbits/s.