12 Beautiful Ice Formations That Will Rekindle Your Love Of Winter

There are times when winter can seem just too long and difficult to enjoy. Sure, it can be freezing cold or wet outside, and you might feel like you’ll never see the sun again, but it can also be amazingly beautiful. These 12 ice formations are so stunning that you might not even believe they’re real. These kinds of sights are what makes winter so magical. By the time you’ve viewed all these images, we’re pretty certain that you’ll fall in love with winter all over again. And, if not, take heart; spring isn’t too far off!

Snow rollers are formed when large snowballs get blown by the wind.

These gorgeous ice leaves froze over real leaves, which have been peeled off.

These ice blossoms are stunning.

The ripples on this frozen pond are beautiful.

This lighthouse looks like something out of a fairytale. 

Home of the ice spiders.

Frozen bubbles under Abraham Lake, Alberta, Canada. These occur when methane gas is released from decomposing vegetation at the bottom of the lake, making bubbles, and the bubbles freeze.

This is what happens when you blow soap bubbles in freezing temperatures.

These ice encased berries look magical.

Frost flowers can form on plants in freezing temperatures. As the moisture from the plant travels up through it, it freezes and expands.

The frost on these apple blossoms is just gorgeous.