Awesome Inventions That Are Next Level


Liquid Dispenser

With this liquid dispenser, you don’t even need to get the product out of the refrigerator. It’s great for dispensing any liquids, such as milk, water, juice and more.


Fire Extinguisher

RAB Global Green SDN BHD manufacturers have created an Eco-friendly fire extinguisher.

When used, the fire extinguisher is environmentally friendly and does not pollute the atmosphere or soil.

It’s rapid extinguishing capabilities means that not only does it put the fire out fast but also greatly reduces the amount of toxic fumes in the air that can harm the human body.


HD AR Glasses (Rokid Air)

Rokid Air are a set of HD AR glasses that you can use just about anywhere.

Their lightweight design makes them perfect for taking with you while on the go.

Unlike VR headsets, these glasses allow you to see right through them, so you can always be aware of your surroundings.

They’re great for doing work, watching movies or even playing games.

They come equipped with a noise cancelling microphone and dual HD directional speakers.

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5-In-1 Cleaning Kit

The Penlar 5-in-1 cleaning kit has all the tools you need to keep your desktop equipment clean.

It allows you to remove keys from your keyboard and brush out the dust from underneath. You can also claw out stubborn dirt and clean in small areas.

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Self-Cleaning Litter Box (Litter Robot)

The Litter Robot 4 Open Air is a smart self-cleaning litter box.

It eliminates the need for manually scooping and cleaning and traps any odors.

Once your cat exits the Litter Robot, Its unique sifting process begins to separate the cat poop from the litter by dropping it down into a carbon filter draw below, leaving clean litter above. This means no foul smells are left to pollute the room and a clean place for your cat to go when nature calls.

When the waste drawer is full, simply pull it out, remove the bag and replace it with a new one.


Car Sunshade (ORION)

ORION is a compact sunshade for your car.

With a push of a button, the sunshade expands out from the device protecting your car.

It can fit into most cupholders and helps to prevent harmful UV rays from damaging the interior.


Giga Pump 2.0

The GIGA pump 2.0 is a really handy tool to have outdoors or at home. It’s 3-in-1 design means it can be used as an air pump, vacuum pump, or a torch.

Its compact and lightweight design makes it great for carrying in your bag or in your pocket.

It’s powered by a 1300 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery which gives it around 10 hours of usability.

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All Terrain E-Scooter (SPLACH Transformer)

Introducing the SPLACH Transformer.

It’s a powerful all terrain e-scooter and is capable of reaching 24 miles per hour within 4-6 seconds.

Inclines or bumpy terrain are no problem thanks to its patented proprietary motor and dual suspension system.

The transformer also has different styling options to match your visual style.

It runs on a 48volt 10.2aH battery that lasts for around 22-25miles making it suitable for most riders daily commute.


M1 Device

The M1 device doesn’t aim to replace scuba equipment. Instead, it’s a new concept created by Julien Boucher.

The M1 is designed to hold an additional breath of air so that users can dive longer than they normally would.


Tennis Ball Launcher (Slinger Bag)

The Slinger Bag is the perfect companion to have when playing tennis by yourself.

The bag can launch balls across the court allowing you to practice your swing 144 times before needing a refill.

You can adjust the launchers speed, frequency and elevation level depending on how you want to practice.

The bag can store your tennis racket, water bottle, towel, charge your smartphone and more.


Ultrasonic Cutter (CtrlAX)

The CtrlAX is an ultrasonic cutter capable of cutting through many materials such as plastic, Rubber, PVC, Carbon fiber and more.

Using 40,000 vibrations per second, it constantly applies friction to materials allowing an easy and delicate cut.

The CtrlAX has 3 different power modes depending on the thickness and density of the piece you’re cutting. It also comes with multiple blades that specialize in cutting through specific materials.


Dog Poop Scooper (Pupsule)

Pupsule makes picking up poop easy.

With its 360 degree gripping capability, it can scoop up dog poop without you having to use a bag over your hand.

It then tucks the bag of poop away until you find the proper place to dispose of it.

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