Annoying Pics That Will Absolutely Make Your Blood Boil

Let me get this straight. The number 10 in English language means different when translated to Spanish. I know it sounds crazy but this is what this instruction is telling me.

When you’re too close to capturing an epic moment of reaching the 88888 miles but you messed up in some ways and missed the chance. Look at the bright side, there’s still that 99999 to aim for.

These playing cards are a pain in the eye.  Why did they make it so hard to distinguish the usual symbols?

It’s impossible to please everybody, you just can’t. Even if they admit they like what you did, they still won’t give you that coveted 5-stars for some silly reasons.

This doesn’t make sense. Why do you go up against Taco Tuesday?

People are undoubtedly annoying. Sometimes, products are annoying. The weather is often annoying. Our point is, many things in life are, you guessed it, annoying. However, when it’s not happening to us firsthand, witnessing some of these things can be super amusing. Here we have a list of annoying situations. Take a look! 

Some magical force always puts a spoon right below the faucet. Water conveniently splashes all over!

Someone should teach your kids how to open cereal boxes.

When you’re so mad right now and you’ve got homework to finish…but, not really. That’s just how he normally holds his pencil. It doesn’t even look normal!

The technician is trying to mess with the arrangement of stickers.

They forgot to print out the entire video…

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