Amazing Inventions That Are On Another level

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The YAK paint roller cleaner is a painter’s best friend. Thanks to its handy design, it can clean a paint roller in seconds instead of taking all day by hand.


Floating Plant Islands (Vetiver Grass)

Floating Plant Islands could be the future to growing more food products. There’s plenty of areas around the world with calm water that contain excess nutrients. These floating islands can make use of that and give benefits to the wildlife of the water by offering additional cover.


The Lexus Hoverboard (Discover Lexus)

Lexus have created a fully-functional hoverboard. The hoverboard is constructed from an insulated core containing high temperature superconducting blocks. These are housed in reservoirs of liquid nitrogen that cool the superconductors to -197 degrees Celsius. Once the hoverboard is cooled to its operating temperature, it then uses magnets to maintain its height above ground Could this be the future of personal travel?


Ivation EZ-Bed

The Ivation EZ-Bed is a self-inflating -bed. Simply unpack the bed from the carrier, place it in the desired location and begin inflating. The bed comes with different settings so you can choose the level of comfort. The bed is simple to put away as it automatically deflates ready to fold away for next time.
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Eco-Luxury Hotel Suite On Water (Anthénea)

Anthénea is a floating eco-friendly luxury hotel. It offers amazing 360 degree views outside with the relaxing rhythm of the ocean. It’s also got a beautiful fully-equipped interior with all the little luxuries you’d ever need making it a perfect place to unwind and relax. On the lower level, the Anthénea offers 360 degree under water views so you can watch the fish swim by with your morning coffee. The suite also comes with a 12-seater solarium with a built in sunshade roof so you and your family or friends can hangout and enjoy the day.


Multi-Purpose Fan (Shangbei Nanchuang Technology)

There’s more to this fan than meets the eye. It has several built-in features that make it a must have for any home. First off, It comes with different power modes to suit your needs. It can extend to different heights, making it great for desks or free-standing. There’s a built-in lamp which is great for reading at night or while you’re applying makeup. The fan also includes a humidifier to help moisten the air. and finally, it has the ability to charge your smartphone.

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Anti-Fall Airbag Vest (S-AirBag Pro)

The Anti-Fall Airbag Vest is a potential life-saving device that can inflate automatically if a person is falling to the ground. Using its intelligent algorithm, the vest inflates instantly, reducing 90% of impact forces. The app then sends out a fall notification to the designated recipient, so help can be on the way to your location. The vest is particularly useful for elderly people or people out riding bikes.


Portabl Slide

Introducing the Portabl Slide. This innovative device turns a laptop into a full-blown workstation. The Portabl Slide attaches to the back of the laptop and then gives you the option to slide out 2 HD screens giving you more digital real estate to work with. The best part is that it only requires a single USB-C or USB 3.0 to connect, so it won’t take up multiple slots. This device is perfect for offices, gamers, travelers or just about anyone looking for more screen space.


Behemoth Stormproof Sweetfire (UCO Gear)

The Behemoth Stormproof Sweetfire is a strikeable fire starter that can burn for up to 15 minutes thanks to its renewable biofuel end points. They are resilient and will continue burning even after getting covered in dirt or water.

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Introducing the SaddleBaby, a hands-free shoulder carrier. The device sits on your shoulder and the straps connect around your body. You then have a strap for each of your child’s legs so that they are secure. A great device to have for when your child gets too tired to walk.

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MAXXwasher Pro

The MAXXwasher Pro can wash your dishes for you. Using its revolutionary tech, it can have your dishes clean in minutes, all completely hands-free. It’s also great for washing any food that may contain dirt or pesticides. The MAXXwasher Pro uses no chemicals, making it 100% safe for everyday use.


Eternal Notebook (nuka)

The Eternal Notebook might be one of the toughest notebooks on the market. It’s totally waterproof, completely re-writeable and can’t be torn apart by your dog.
(They have noted they are having supply chain issues on their website)


WYN Multi-Tool Capsule (WYN)

The WYN Multi-Tool Capsule is a handy little tool that most people could do with for everyday tasks. It comes with a blade for opening packages, a Phillips screwdriver and a slotted screwdriver which is great at prying things open.


Zoa PL1 (Zoa Engineering)

The Zoa PL1 is a powerful tool, perfect for backcountry skiing. Using it’s patent pending rope tow system, skiers and snowboarders can focus more on the fun and less on the climbing back up. The device works by securing your paracord around a tree or in a snow anchor. Then while descending, lay the paracord along the desired path as you go using a rope bag. When at the bottom, attach the Zoa PL1 to the paracord and propel yourself back up the mountain.


OLANG Footwear

OLANG footwear comes with built-in reversible grips on the bottom. These are great for when there is snow or ice on the ground as they will give you more stability while walking. They are easy to use. You simple switch the grip so that the studded area is facing the ground and continue walking. When finished, just reverse them back again.
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PurePort Multi-Tool

The PurePort Multi-Tool is a cleaning and maintenance kit for your iPhone or iPad charging ports. Using its range of cleaning tools, it can remove lint, hair, fluff, dust, oil and any other contaminant from the area. This will ensure your devices continue to work as normal.
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Working on rooftops is not for the feint hearted. Luckily there’s the HippLock tool to help make the process easier and safer. Once the device is attached to the pole and all other safety instructions have been followed, it can then be moved up to the ridge of the roof. From there, it can be secured, allowing you to perform any maintenance to your roof.