Awesome Agriculture Machines That Are On Another Level

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Brick Making Machine (Public Mix Channel)

This brick making machine is capable of creating up to 60000 bricks per day. The mix is stored in the main loading area and pushed into the brick molding wheel. The bricks are then dropped out onto the floor to solidify.


Tree Wrapping Machine (Rusty Gate Tree Farm)

This tree wrapping machine can wrap a tree in seconds. It’s done to compact the tree ready for digging out.


Garbin TZ S (Królewski Ogród)

The Garbin TZ S is a trench excavator that can dig a line in the soil with a depth up to 45cm and a width up to 11cm. The machine is capable of excavating roughly 60 meters per hour.


Weed Zapper (Oobree Farms)

This weed zapping machine kills off weeds in seconds. As the machine is driven over areas containing unwanted weeds, the machine cleverly zaps them out, leaving the crops untouched.


SC850 PRO (Dipperfox)

The SC850 Pro is a stump crusher that can grind up stumps in seconds. The machine is capable of removing 180 stumps in 1 hour, making it one of the fastest and most efficient drills on the market.



The AutoStack FSX is a 2-in-1 bale loader and stacker. The machine is designed and equipped to work at high speeds which reduces the intervals between collections and unloading. This allows more cycles to take place. The machine can adapt to all sizes and types of bale. The AutoStack FSX also offers good stability so that the wheels do not lose contact with the ground. This helps ensure the stacking process is stable.


The Sherpa 140 (Strautmann)

The Sherpa 140 is a self-propelled fodder mixing vehicle. The 3-In-1 machine is able to pick-up, mix and feed all from the same vehicle. Equipped with a high-performance milling cutter, it can cut through and collect fodder fast and efficiently.


The SB 1290 iD (KUHNGroup)

The SB 1290 iD machine is designed to produce bales with an extremely high density in all crop conditions. Thanks to its unique plunger technique, the baler has a lower power output that lends to a more profitable baling operation.


Humeau Topscoot (GARDEN Studio)

The Humeau Topscoot stroller makes manual vineyard work a lot easier. Using your knee, hand or foot, the driver can gently nudge the machine back and forth while tying vines down.


The Multistrike Portal Tractor (Damcon)

The multi-strike portal tractor is created with fruit tree cultivation in mind. The machine has various attachments such as a sprayer for weed control. The design of the vehicle allows for a short turning radius making it more efficient.