15 Underused Words That It’s Time To Bring Back


English is an expansive language, anyone who has seen the size of an unabridged English dictionary can tell you that. It’s also a language that’s ever changing and evolving, so of course there are some words that fall out of favor and are hardly ever used, but maybe it’s time to bring some of them back! There are some really useful words for specific feelings or situations that are extremely rare, if not entirely extinct, in day to day conversation, and we’d like to change that! Check out these fifteen underused words that it’s time to bring back!



The worst thing about public transport is the amount of noisome people.


I ate so much cake I was crapulent all evening.





Unfortunately, she’s a recidivist, so her sentence will be harsher.


You’ve sent me into paroxysms.


I’ve been suffering from hebetude recently.


He was going to mow the lawn, but he was feeling too torpid.


Shall we go out an indulge in some knavery?


We used to hang out a lot, but he was way too bellicose.





Tonight turned into a right imbroglio.


The house was decidedly eldritch.


It wasn’t until she’d driven off in our neighbor’s BMW that we realized she was a mountebank.


We used to be good friends, but he was too querulous.


Their work isn’t bad, but they’re really just an epigone.


I’m in a hurry, so I’m going to have to absquatulate.


And now we put a quietus on this post.

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