12 Things Dogs Do That Mean They Are Trying To Communicate With You


Dogs are a man's best friend, any dog owner will tell you that. But, sometimes those loveable canines behave in ways that we absolutely love, or they just plain weird us out. They might jump in our beds when we want to sleep there ourselves, or decide to stubbornly sit on top of our feet, or even stare at us peculiarly every time we leave the house. Well, according to dog experts, these behaviors actually mean the pup is trying to communicate something to us! Interested? Take a look, and learn doggie language!


When they stare at you eerily as you leave the house…

…it's actually a good thing! Don't feel guilty because a dog suffering separation anxiety will howl, bark or whine, not simply stare at you calmly.



Wanting to sleep in your bed…




…simply means the dog wants to spend more time with you!



Tongue flicking…



…means your pooch is feeling a little nervous or anxious. 



Leaning on you…




…is how your dog shows its affection for you. It may also help them feel safe!



When they yawn…

…it doesn't necessarily mean they're tired. It can be a signal to you that your dog is stressed or fearful. So, if he's doing this around someone new, it's not yet time for him to get close to that person.



Relaxed yawning… 

…when your dog is relaxed and sat comfortable with you, he may yawn, especially when you do. It's nothing to worry about!



Chewing on your furniture…

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