Tear-Jerking Last Wishes That Will Warm Your Heart

Death is very real albeit difficult part of life. At some point we all have to face our own mortality and that of our friends and loved ones. As individuals, we deal with death in different ways. Experiencing shock, anger and sadness is very common. Natural, in fact. When we’re confronted with a terminal diagnosis, we’d like to think that we would do something spectacular and far-reaching as our last action here on this earth. With this in mind, take a look at the last wishes of people who did something they loved before they passed.

The only thing this homeless man wanted was to see his dog one more time.

A homeless man’s last wish was for a loving family to adopt his dog.


dog man family


Mom and dad enjoying their last dance the evening before she lost her 15 year cancer battle.

couple dancing


Jonathan’s final wish enabled an irrigation system to be provided to an orphanage in Zimbabwe.


young man orphans


All he wanted was to see his ponies.

A private viewing of a Rembrandt exhibition was this person’s request.

A former show jumper with Parkinson’s Disease, at age 87 this lady rode a horse for the last time.

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