Tall People Problems

The Everyday Problems That Tall People Face

Generally in life, most things are catered for and to the majority of people, which are considered to be ‘average’ height. We’re talking cars, buildings, clothes etc. This does make sense, of course, but it means that for those who are shorter or taller than average, there are plenty of struggles faced. This post is here to focus on the everyday problems of the taller members of our world, in an amusing manner. Take a look and if you yourself are tall, prepare to relate!

Standing on public transport is never fun.

Flying is always a nightmare!


tall people problems cramped flights


You have to improvise to survive…

Your feet get used to never being on the bed…

Looking at your appearance in a ‘full length’ mirror can be tricky…

You have to be extra cautious for hazards.

You have to hope for good weather or driving your super car is just impractical.


tall people problems head over car


Your wedding photos can come out pretty interesting! (The bride is 6’4 and the groom is 6’8)

You often look strange when doing things that average height people do…

Slides are a no-go.

Everyday tasks can make you look silly.

And, finally, standing under the shower head doesn’t occur often.


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