You Won’t Believe That These Incredible Steampunk Sculptures Are Made From Trash

Here at Awesome Inventions, we are fascinated with all things steampunk. We love the unique, bizarre and creative things that people can put together. Below you will find the brilliant work of Arturas, an artist from Lithuania. He uses various household items and junk that would otherwise be thrown away, then goes on to transform the materials into steampunk sculptures. Take a look below to see the amazing results and don’t forget to check out Arturas’ website via the link below for more information on his creations!
Website: ArtistArtas




steampunk sculptures chameleon



Coffee Man

Devil’s Advocate

Heart Box



Octopus Jewelry Box

Ostrich Runner

Piggy Bank


steampunk sculptures piggy bank


Playboy Rabbit

Royal Penguin




Turbo Fish

Vintage Radio Car


Wine Bottle Rack



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