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16 Awesome Space Saving Products That Just Make Sense


If you don't live in the largest of homes, you probably know the frustration of running out of places to put all your belongings. Whether you lack counter space in the kitchen, storage space for occasional use items, or any other space woes, there's no doubt that it's an annoyance! That's where these amazing items come in handy. Each of these products can save you space in its own unique way, freeing up more room for the rest of your possessions.


This free-standing shoe rack saves floor space.

vertical shoe rackFind it here: Free-Standing Shoe Rack


This wall mounted cupboard also has a fold-out counter.




These stackable recycling bins are super useful.

Save space with this light bulb-speaker combo.speaker-light-bulbFind it here: Audio Light Bulb


Make extra room on your counters with this slim line two-slice toaster.slimline-toasterFind it here: Slimline Toaster


This roll-up over-sink dish drying rack is ingenious.over-sink-drying-rackFind it here: Roll-Up Drying Rack


This is an all-in-one tablespoon and teaspoon measure. And it could be used as a shot glass, if the need arises.

Find it here: Measuring Cup Shot Glass

This ironing board folds up into a cabinet.ironing-boardFind it here: Wall-Mounted Fold-Out Ironing Board


This folding chair can be hung in a closet when not in use.




Find it here: Fold Flat Chair


This wall-mounted fold-out desk is perfect for a small home office.

There's no need for an ironing board if you have this foldable magnetic ironing mat.

Find it here: Magnetic Ironing Mat



Save loads of counter space with a coffee machine that attaches to your kitchen cupboard.cupboard-coffee-makerFind it here: Under-The-Cabinet Coffee Maker


This cute chair folds out into a mattress.chair-bed


Find it here: Convertible Futon Armchair


This bookshelf chair is awesome!

This fold-out bed can also be used as a desk.

This all-in-one device will save you heaps of space in the kitchen.all-in-one-kitchen-device

Find it here: Multi Kitchen Tool

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