Hidden Gems Disneyland

16 Awesome Hidden Gems You Should Experience When You Go To Disneyland

Disneyland is a place that children everywhere dream of visiting. It’s not only the youngsters who look forward to going, though! Reminiscent adults get to re-live their younger days and set free their inner child. Jam packed with fun things to do, it’s easy to miss a few things along the way. Below you will find an awesome guide to 16 hidden gems you may not have known about that you’ll definitely want to test out when you visit! Beware of the teacup tip though, many people say it’s rather nauseating! Take a look!

Get ready to learn all the secrets! 

This is nice. It’s like signifying that Walt Disney’s spirit is always there. 


walt disneys light main street


Kids will love this experience!

How cool is it to sit in the exact spot where Walt had a genius thought?!

This little gem is definitely worth remembering! 

An interior that is a must see! Sophisticated and classical, we love it! 

This one’s great for the thrill seekers! 

He’s got his eyes on you, but can you spot him?

We think that this is a nice touch! 


walt disney and roy initials pirates of the carribean


Interesting! We’d be curious to hear feedback from people who have tried this…

Those of you who like ignoring instructions will be pleased with this one! 

What a shame that people who don’t know of these gems would have missed this opportunity!

Little touches like this show the thought that went into building this place! 

Another great souvenir! 

Do you dare to touch the apple?

It’s worth the wait to snap a picture of the evil villain! 

But, what happened to the other skulls and bones?



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