Secret Meanings And Messages You Never Noticed Hidden Within Well Known Logos

A company’s logo is hugely important for representing them. They need something that is eye catching, unique, creative and memorable. Some people will forget the name of a business and even what they’re all about, but a logo often stays in their minds so it needs to be designed to be unforgettable! When creating something that has all of the characteristics we mentioned above, it takes careful planning. Many logos actually have hidden meanings and messages that you would never have guessed existed! When you do decipher them, it makes that company even more memorable. Below we have a list of examples showing logos that have hidden meanings and messages. Take a look and test yourself!

Alfa Romeo

Did you ever realize that the right side of the logo depicts a serpent eating a man? We certainly didn’t!



hidden meaning logo amazon


Of course, most people realize that the logo is pointing out A-Z, but the arrow is also a smile!

Baskin Robbins

hidden meaning logo baskins robins


Baskin Robbins produces 31 different flavors of ice cream. As you can see, that fact is incorporated into their logo but it is easily missed!

Beats By Dre



hidden meaning logo beats


The letter ‘b’ in the logo is actually meant to look like a pair of headphones on someone’s head!


Between the letters ‘E’ and ‘X’ on the FedEx logo, you’ll notice that there is an arrow pointing forwards. 

Galeries Lafayatte


An Eiffel Tower is created by the merging of the double T in ‘Lafayette’. 



hidden meaning logo hyundai


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