Play Me I'm Yours Glass Street Piano

This Amazing Glass Piano Is Made From Old Window Panes


You may have heard of the Street Pianos 'Play Me, I'm Yours' project, in which pianos are installed in public spaces, free for anyone to play. These pianos are often highly decorated, but we've never seen anything like the one that Karlis Bogustovs made specifically for the project, made out of old window panes! Of course, the main body of the piano is still wooden underneath, but the whole piano is covered in glass, with glass skyscrapers sitting atop the structure. The piece of art is fitting as it was set up in Canary Wharf, London's financial district. This wasn't an easy process, in fact, it took Karlis four months to complete, working full time on the project, five days a week. The resulting piano is spectacular, though, so his hard work certainly paid off! Take a look!
Website: Karlis Bogustovs





Karlis Bogustovs







Karlis Bogustovs







Check out the video below to see more. 


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