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16 Hacks To Make A Parent’s Job Easier


Being a parent has got to be the most busiest full time job there is. Aside from the washing, cooking and cleaning, there's the school runs, the play dates, the soccer practice, the helping with the homework…the list is endless! What would you say if we told you there are ways in which you could make your family life a little easier with some simple tips and tricks? Well you'd probably want to know how, right? Check out our list below of some great hacks that we hope you parents out there will find useful.

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Put Capri Sun drinks in the freezer for an easy and tasty slushy.


Repurpose finished soap dispensers for filling up water balloons. 


pump dispenser water baloons


To prevent your kids from wasting lots of cups, give them their own and attach magnets to them so they can be stuck to the fridge.


Mix washing up liquid, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda together to remove stubborn baby food stains.


A Play-Doh confetti maker is perfect to use for making home-made puff treats.


Stick pennies to the soles for instant tap dancing shoes!


Make a great water-resistant outdoor picnic table by covering a play table in oilcloth.


A Tupperware tray and some duct tape makes a great cookie carrier for your little girl scout.


Here's a great tip for when you visit busy places like zoos or parks. Write your message and phone number on your child's arm and then seal the writing with liquid bandage. This will make the writing sweat and waterproof.


liquid bandage temp tattoo



To stop your kids from wasting toilet roll, place a sign on the wall to give them a visual limit of how much they're allowed.


Help your children grip their pencil better with a rubber band.


If you have accident-prone children then get some Helichrysum oil in your household. It contains natural healing properties.


Place a safety spot sticker to your car where your children can place their hand on while you're loading/unloading the car. This will prevent them from wandering off.


Use a plastic cup as a safety shield for sparklers.


Use to-go sauce pots to keep pacifiers clean while you're out.


Cut a fun sticker in half and place one in each shoe. This will help your child to know which shoe goes on which foot.

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If you liked this post check out Part 2:
15 Hacks To Make A Parents Job Easier – Part 2


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