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This Kind Of Beautifully Eye Catching Street Art Won’t Leave A Mark Once It’s Gone


While graffiti and other forms of street art can be brilliant, in many towns and cities it's illegal to put art on structures without permission, so even the most beautiful piece of street art could mean a hefty fine, community service or even jail for the artist. However, French artist Philippe Echaroux, creates epic street art that can be removed from a structure without a trace. How does he do it? Well, he creates his art pieces using light! Echaroux's project "Painting With Lights" has created a buzz across the globe. He projects his art on to buildings, trees and even mountains, so that people can enjoy these pieces for a night, without them leaving any damage to private property. A good compromise and a great idea! Let's see some of Echaroux's work! 

Website: Philippe Echaroux





Philippe Echaroux









Philippe Echaroux








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