15 Awesome Space Saving Tips For Packing You Wish You Knew Sooner


Traveling can be a lot of hassle. There just never seems to be enough space for everything you need to bring, especially if you have kids. Furthermore, theres worrying about your expensive or breakable possessions. However we are here to help with this list of 15 of the most awesome packing tips around. Never again be stuck for ideas and find out how to store perfume, aftershave, make up and more, efficiently. Bon Voyage!


 Put plastic bottles and socks inside your shoes to maximize room within your case. 


An old medicine bottle is perfect for storing make up applicators and cotton swabs.


bottle cotton swabs



Protect delicates by placing them inside the cloth bags that come with new handbags or shoes.  

delicates cloth bag



Rather than packing bulky makeup products for a weekend trip, transfer a little product into clean contact lens cases.    


contact case make up



Refill travel sized toothpaste tubes from a regular tube!


Protect fragile items by packing them inside thick socks.   


 Try filling straws with skincare products of required amounts so you don't waste space bringing full bottles! 

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