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16 Brilliant Outdoor Ideas For Your Home


Add a little awesome to your garden or give it the total upgrade it deserves! We have put together a whole bunch of brilliant ideas for your outdoor space that we believe you will love. Some of these wouldn't take long to put together where as others would obviously take a lot more time but are totally worth doing! Let us know in the comments section below which one you like the most.


Make some awesome speakers with salad bowls. Instructions here.

Make home made Tiki torches from colored wine bottles.


diy torch

Design Sponge

Create a miniature fireplace that can be placed on a table.

Fill holes in fences with marbles. They will look awesome when the sun shines through.

Paint old tires and arrange them in your garden for a home playground.

Make a fun outdoor shower with a hose and a shower head.

Jazz up an old bunk bed into an outdoor lounge area.

Build your trampoline into the ground right next to your pool.


trampoline diving board




Built a fire pit for a cozy place to sit around.


Make your garden table even better with some built in coolers.

Build a walkway for your indoor cat so they can get fresh air and sun without getting lost.

Create your own Twister game on the lawn with some spray paint!

A hammock bed swing is a great place to relax on.

Create your own giant scrabble game!

Create your own mini beach!

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