Amazing Office Gadgets That Will Make Your Co-Workers Jealous

Offices aren’t usually the most exciting of places. When you’re at work, you may often find your mind wandering to thoughts of pastures new. However, there are many ways of making your office space more interesting. These 14 amazing office gadgets bring a spark of creativity into your space and ensure that your days will pass much more quickly as a result! Not only this, but many of them will make your day that bit easier too. Take a look and prepare to nag your boss to invest in some of these items!

With this ingenious calendar stamp, you’ll never miss a meeting…or a vacation again!

These cute hand-warmers keep you nice and toasty when it’s cold!


cute handwarmers


These error message sticky notes will give everyone in IT a laugh!

These flexible storage straps look cool on any office wall.

flex storage straps


Rest those aching feet with this under-desk foot hammock.

Bring some calm to the office with this mini zen garden.

You’ll never want to be without this notepaper roller!


You’ll never forget that great idea when you have this paper table to jot everything down on!


paper table


Always watching the clock? Using this whiteboard clock you can countdown to the fun things like breaks and lunch!

Regular sticky notes can be annoying to use. With this roller, you can get your message out there with ease!

Looking at something you shouldn’t be? Simply tap this stealth switch to immediately hide all non-work related pages!


These sticky note watches are a great reminder not to miss that important meeting or event.

Hot coffee at your desk? Your dreams can become reality with this self-heating coffee mug.

Tired of your colleagues “borrowing” your soda? This personal mini fridge is the answer!


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