Mosaics From Hundreds Of Photos

Charis Tsevis Creates Incredible Mosaics From Hundreds Of Photos


These incredible mosaics are the work of award-winning Athens, Greece-based visual designer Charis Tsevis. If you look very closely, you will see that virtually every mosaic 'tile' is made from a photo of the main subject of each mosaic. For example, the mosaic of the giraffe below is created from many different photos of giraffes as well as other related images such as trees and sunsets. Charis is a very busy man, in addition to his collages, he works as a part time professor as well as managing his own design studio. With clients as diverse as Toyota and Nike, Charis is enjoying a great deal of success and rightly so. Take a look!

Website: CharisTsevis




lights bridge collage










opera house collage









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