16 Ways To Make The Best Sandwiches You Have Ever Tasted – Part 2


Did you know that if your oven breaks, you can always make a grilled cheese sandwich using your iron? Or that if you cut your bread loaf upside down, it saves it from getting all squished? You may think you know all there is to know about making perfect sandwiches. But even if you're quite the expert, you'll likely find a few handy new tricks in this post. Learn how to make sandwiches even better with this series of handy sandwich hacks. Check them out…


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Grill a cheese sandwich, college-style. Wrap it in tinfoil and use the silk setting for two minutes each side.


Make a PB&J even yummier by grilling it. Delish!





Use your toaster like this for an adventurous way to make a grilled cheese. Be careful!




Spread your condiments between the fillings of your sandwich, rather than directly onto the bread.





Use your sandwich press to make folded eggs for a delicious breakfast sandwich.


The solution to a common sandwich problem.


For extra cheesy goodness, sprinkle cheese on the outer bread prior to grilling.

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