This Talented Guy Hilariously Photoshops Himself Into Kendall Jenner’s Photos – Part 1

Whether you love her or hate her, there’s no denying that Kendall Jenner is one popular girl. Boasting a whopping 70 million+ Instagram followers, the model isn’t unaccustomed to receiving all sorts of attention.

Here we present the incredible Photoshop wizardry of Kirby Jenner. The self proclaimed ‘lover of all things’ and ‘fraternal twin of Kendall Jenner’ has an insane talent for placing himself into Kendall’s photos. Take a look and enjoy!
Website: Instagram

When you’ve been hungry all day so decide to go all out…

The Batmobile is just so damn cool!




How artistic…

Creepy but hilarious!

Styling can be so stressful!

Love the sandwich touch!

We wish someone would feed us drinks.

When you realize mid air you’ve made a grave mistake…




That hairstyle is impressive!

Not really sure what to say about this one!

Kirby fits in effortlessly!

Safety is key when on a boat!

We are craving a burger big time now. Less tomato sauce though!

Hair… nailed. Pose… nailed. Make up… nailed!


More Photoshops HERE!


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