This Artist Creates Awesome Miniature Cities That Each Behold A Shocking Amount Of Detail

When creating anything on a miniature scale, you tend to think that things can’t be super detailed. Well, you’re expectations are about to be shattered. Here we present the awesome work of Australia based sculpture artist Joshua Smith. His most recent piece is based on a real apartment block in Kowloon City, Hong Kong. Complete with newspaper covered windows, graffiti and hanging washing, Joshua’s model has truly captured the realities of the urban living conditions. Take a look!
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miniature-architecture-joshua-smith building


We are truly blown away by how realistic Joshua’s models are. Such immense attention to detail has been applied to truly honor the inspiration which was real people’s homes and work places. When talking about his creations Joshua states ‘I want viewers to be fooled, if I take a photo of the completed work in sunlight, to think it is the real thing’. We certainly would fall for it! There is no doubt in our minds that Joshua has a tremendous talent and we can’t wait to see his future pieces!


miniature-architecture-joshua-smith open windows




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