Jimmy Choo Bull Terrier Marriage Rafael Mantesso

Jimmy Choo The Bull Terrier Helped His Owner Get Over His Marriage Break Up


Visual artist, Rafael Mantesso was not having a good time on his 30th birthday. What should have been an amazing day of celebration and fun was, in reality, the day his wife left him, taking everything with her apart from the dog. Named after his wife's favorite shoe designer, Jimmy Choo, the bull terrier was all Rafael had left in his bare white-walled home.

Over time, Raphael began to photograph Jimmy then one day on a whim he decided to draw on the white wall behind his pooch and created something awesome. Raphael's photos soon went viral and caught the attention of Sandra Choi, the creative director at Jimmy Choo! Sandra asked Raphael to create a series of illustrations to decorate some of the company's accessories, and in May 2015 the range hit the stores. It's amazing how far Rafael has come since that sad lonely 30th birthday. Check out his funny photos below and enjoy!
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