hubcap creatures

This Artist Turns Old Hubcaps Into Awesome Looking Creatures


Most of us get annoyed when we see old hubcaps littering the roadside, but artist Ptolemy Elrington has spent the last 12 years putting them to good use. Elrington takes discarded hubcaps and repurposes them into beautiful creatures. The interesting thing is that he doesn't try to disguise the fact these sculptures are made from hubcaps, instead he makes the brand emblems and other parts form features of the animals' faces and bodies. It's amazing to think that these gorgeous sculptures, which can fetch up to £10,000 (roughly $15,500) a piece, were once unwanted bits of trash!

Website: Hubcap Creatures




Ptolemy Elrington



Ptolemy Elrington



These sculptures are just amazing. You really get a feeling of the life behind the creatures. Elrington currently lives and works in Brighton, UK and can be contacted via his website should you wish to purchase an existing sculpture or have one commissioned. 

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