There’s a good reason why it’s always worth splashing out on official merchandise, because if you go with a knock off product, you usually get what you paid for. The folks over at 9GAG have collected a list of 26 horrific knock off items that just can’t be unseen. Seriously, these things will be haunting your nightmares for weeks to come, so you should probably avoid reading on if you’re of a sensitive disposition. We really can’t believe how bad some of these unofficial pieces of merchandise are, and how or why anyone ever buys them. Check them out and see what we mean!

1. Those eyes could cause nightmares! Child friendly? We think not! 

2. Because everyone needs to practice their princess beard shaving skills…


anna beard shave knock off


3. We can imagine there would be some concerned teachers if a child brought this to school! 

4. Apart from Andy’s gigantic arms, these toys seem to be fairly good replicas. ‘Boy Space’ though? 

5. An interesting place to situate a tail… 

6. Thomas The Tank Engine, is that you?! 

7. It appears even toys can face an identity crisis at times… 

8. This guy seems to be missing his lips… 

9. E.T worked hard to achieve his summer body! 

10. ‘Ill tempered’ really just doesn’t have the same ring to it! 

11. Fancy a ride? 

12. Magician Boy, not to be confused with Harry Potter! 

13. This one isn’t too awful to be fair… 

14. Now we really have seen everything! 


minion pregnancy knock off


15. The Pikachu lookalike really resembles Tweety!

16. We’re pretty sure that the nose is meant to be below the eyes… 

17. ‘Plastic Man’? Interesting name choice… 

18. We wouldn’t want to be stared out by those eyes! 

19. When someone lies over and over again in your presence… 

20. We’ve never seen a samurai that looks like this before! 

21. It appears Spongebob Squarepants has a cousin… 

22. This shoe can’t seem to make its mind up… 

23. We wonder if anyone collects these knock off versions?

24. Was this a project? Is it real? Is it a joke? We are strangely intrigued! 

25. We always knew that Bart Simpson would make a cool superhero! 

26. What is with those teeth?! It looks like someone has thrown some dentures in! 

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