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14 Hilarious Fails That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud


Okay, it might be a bit mean, but who doesn't love a good fail? The Germans call it 'schadenfreude', but whatever you want to call it, the misfortune of others can sometimes be funny. On a practical level, doing things right is more desirable, but doing things wrong is just so much more amusing. If you want a good old chuckle, you need to check out these 14 fails. Some of them will truly leave you wondering 'why the heck would someone even do that?!' And, the answer? We have no idea… Let's take a look!


Uh. Have we been confused all this time?


A sweet sentiment, but… OMG. Please learn the difference between words and other words.





Cheer cheer cheer! Yell yell yell! Who cares who wins? We're all going to hell! Go sports!


The most disappointing Skittles ever.


Oh, really?!


*Brain melts*


Eh… that'll do!



Practically identical. We can hardly tell the difference. This one's a fail for Zayn Malik, but a win for whoever spotted the resemblance. 





So many extras! Wow!


Nailed it!


Four miles, you say?


Um. Okay…


Unfortunate placement or genius placement? You decide!


Mmmmm… delicious, juicy watermelon. 

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