12 Posts That Prove The Harry Potter Fandom Is The Funniest And Weirdest Ever


Being a member of the Harry Potter fandom is more than just being a fan of the Harry Potter series. Members of fandoms have traditionally shared theories, fanfiction, jokes and more via various websites and message boards, but nowadays Tumblr seems to be the main platform, especially for those obsessed with the Potterverse. All fandoms have their quirks, but the Harry Potter fandom is known for being unafraid to tackle the most unusual of topics. Like, whether Ginny Weasley learned about the birds and the bees from Lord Voldemort via Tom Riddle’s diary, or what if Gordon Ramsey had taught potions at Hogwarts. Check out these twelve posts that prove the Harry Potter fandom is the funniest and weirdest ever.



It’s not impossible, though!


It’s never a good enough reason to say penetrate.





It really is hard to believe.


Well, he’s bound to have some lasting issues from being Voldemort’s horcrux.


If anyone could be harsher than Snape…


This is so fetch.


If you consider things from the other side.





Worryingly accurate.




They’ve got a good point, though!


Not to forget the “wand” in French is “baguette” — incredible.


It’s better than most real Cosmo tips, to be fair!

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